Vista Nears Completion Despite Beta Bugs

It appears that Vista is on the verge of leaving beta test and moving on to Release Candidate status. That means that Redmond is now confident that the code is stable, and all remaining bugs will be caught during this final stage of testing. This runs contrary to the reports of many beta testers who think this thing is as far away from prime time as a Jason Alexander sitcom.

For a detail analysis of what it means to be a release candidate, check out our report.

Symantec's Vista Shortcut
While diehard security wonks will do their own Vista investigations, there is a major shortcut: just read the 42-page report (PDF) from Symantec. Now that Symantec and Microsoft are competitors in security software, I feared there might be a bias, and that Symantec would make Vista out to be insecure so you all would go out and buy Symantec security software. But what I've read so far is straightforward and deeply insightful.

The basic idea is Vista includes a whole new networking stack that hackers will work hard to exploit and IT and the security community must struggle to protect.

St. Bernard Software Hungry for Acquisitions
Patch player and security appliance maker St. Bernard Software merged with Sand Hill IT Security Acquisition Corp. -- a move designed to give the company plenty of cash to buy related companies and build new products. Learn about this unusual deal here.

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