Reorg Augments Ozzie Authority

It seems like every week I'm writing about power being given to Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie. The most recent reorg has more top-tier execs reporting directly to Ray, including Dave Cutler (considered the father of NT). Ozzie not only has new ideas about software, but he also has very strong philosophies about how to manage developers where he uses his influence, rather than a big stick, to get programmers to see things his way. I think that with Ozzie in charge, Microsoft's best software is yet to come.

A 12-Pack of Patches
Today could be a busy day for IT folks as Microsoft is sending out a half a case of patches, most of which are for Windows. Besides downloading these fixes, you might want to install the latest rev of the free Windows Malicious Software removal tool.

Symantec Surveys the Black Hatters
At last week's Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Symantec surveyed some 400 attendees about their fears and plans. Security researchers will be spending a lot of time looking at Vista, and when not beating on the beta for flaws, will be thinking about mobile and Web services security, the survey says.

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Microsoft To Hackers: Crack Vista If You Can!
Microsoft is issuing a challenge to hackers -- try to bust open Vista now so we can fix whatever you find before this puppy ships (remember Microsoft's latest promise: to ship Vista when it's available!).

To make it convenient for the security community, Redmond shipped out copies to some 3,000 security pros. Have at it guys!

More Deets on Windows Server 2003 SP2
The next service pack for Windows Server will roll up pretty much all previous security fixes, include special support for Vista application deployment, a new management console. Also on tap is better Wi-Fi security. Look for this must-have upgrade by year's end.

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