No Vista in Sight

Saying a Microsoft desktop OS will be late is like saying Tom Cruise will say something stupid -- it's a forgone conclusion. At last week's financial analysts meeting, Microsoft was so equivocal about Vista delivery, I'm wondering if it will ever arrive. Exec Kevin Johnson got Wall Street heads spinning by saying, "We will ship Windows Vista when it is available." Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Who Will Design Vista PCs?
In the early days of personal computing, companies like IBM, Eagle, Tandy, Vector and Kapro designed computers. (What was your favorite old computer? Tell me at [email protected]) Once the Windows monopoly took hold, Redmond began dictating just how PCs should be built -- stray from the guidelines and you can forget about sporting the Windows logo.

For Vista, Microsoft hopes to pull out all the stops with snazzy new designs that could just as easily come from Steve Jobs. With crazy curves and the Aero Glass interface, Vista PCs will look very different. But I'm more concerned about stability and security. I'd use MS-DOS again if hackers couldn't bust into it!

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Redmond Swallows a Whale
Whale Communications, which makes SSL security devices that work closely with ISA Server, is now part of Microsoft. First order of business: a 25 percent discount on Whale's Intelligent Application Gateway product and its add-ons.

If I was a third party supporting ISA, I'd be worried, nervous and irritated. Imagine staking your business on doing what Microsoft wants, supporting its latest tools, only to have the same company going directly after your business. Ouch.

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