Gates, Not Retired Yet, Talks Vista Dates

Despite announcing plans to leave Microsoft's day-to-day operations, when Bill Gates talks, people listen. And Gates seems to be saying that Vista will take as long as Vista takes, deadlines be damned!

Gates, rightly so, argues that Vista has to be done right and done well, rather than done on time. Let's face it, they've already blown the holiday sales season, so it really doesn't matter when it arrives. Oh, unless you're a Software Assurance customer and you were under the impression that you qualified for free upgrades to Vista.

I think Software Assurance upgrades should be based on announced ship dates, not the actual ship date. Why should IT pay for an upgrade just because Redmond blew its dates? Tell me where I'm wrong at [email protected].

Vista -- Less the Glass
There will be two rather different looks to Vista when it finally comes out. The well-heeled will revel in the glory that is the translucent Aero Glass interface. Those that can't afford the latest, greatest and most expensive graphics cards must make do with a lesser look and feel, details and screenshots of which are starting to emerge.

User Name: FBIDirector, Password: Waronterror
When the U.S. government spies, it's called anti-terrorism. When a computer consultant exposes major problems with the FBI's computer security, it's called a crime.

Joe Colon, an FBI consultant, found the list of passwords, including one for FBI director Robert Mueller. Then the feds caught Colon, who faces a year in the big house.

Google Party Plane
Some people strike it rich and still live like paupers. Digital Equipment Corp. founder Ken Olson was famous for owning cars so ratty our teenagers wouldn't even have driven 'em. Others get a few bucks and start partying like it's 1999.

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While Bill Gates spent his first two decades in Redmond flying commercial, the newly rich boy-geniuses from Google have higher expectations: They're building what may be the largest private jet in the world. At first we were told this was an efficient way for executives and guests to travel. As it turns out, this is just one big party plane, complete with hammocks, king-size beds and plenty of bling. But shareholders should fear not -- none of the cash for this extravagance is coming from Google itself.

Amazon in Space
Google might be about to cruise at 32,000 feet, but Jeff Bezos is shooting a bit higher. The founder is funding a private space travel company that plans to go as high as 325,000 feet. Take that Google!

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