Patch Patch Patch Patch, Saugage Spam and Patch Patch Patch

If you tend to Windows desktops and networks, today is a busy day. Microsoft released seven security bulletins, with three for Office and four for Windows. Windows Update and Software Update Services (formerly WUS) have been tweaked as well. Now get patchin'!

Free Folder Password Tool -- One String Attached!
Microsoft has a new lure to get users to sign up for Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). As you know, WGA is a tool that calls Redmond to insure that your Windows isn't pirated. If you're legit, you can get Windows Updates. If not, you live with the holes XP was born with.

Now there's a new little item, a gadget that can password-protect a single folder (and for some strange reason, only one folder). Just what I need: another password to forget. Imagine losing access to all the files that were so important you invented a password to protect them?

What would you use this to protect? Love letters, that novel you're trying to finish or your plans to rob the bank down the street? Let us know what secrets you'd hide by writing to [email protected]. Don't worry, we'll use your first name only if we publish your letter!

Microsoft and OpenDoc
There's been a big stink about the OpenDoc format promoted by the OpenOffice folks and others, and the fact that Microsoft wants to support it about as much as Alec Baldwin wants to support the John Birch Society (hey, I ain't taking sides, but you're welcome to at [email protected]).

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Redmond recently softened its stance and supports an open source effort to build translators from Microsoft's version of an open format, Open XML (kind of a proprietary open format), and OpenDoc itself.

It is just me or is this kludgy and bizarre? I mean, how hard would it be just to add native OpenDoc support the way that Word used to with WordPerfect? So to save in OpenDoc, you first save in Open XML, then crank it through the translator. Yeah, that sounds real simple!

British Hacker To Face Justice Across the Pond?
Britain and the U.S. are true allies, having joined hands in two wars in as many decades, speak the same language (roughly speaking), and sharing a penchant for large quantities of beer (their's warm and thick, our's cold and thin). Now the Brits have agreed to send us an infamous hacker who broke into U.S. military computers. The hacker, Gary McKinnon, says he was simply trying to prove that Americans are covering up details about UFOs. McKinnon is expected to appeal. Wonder if we'll pick him up in a spaceship.

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