iPod Cool, But Not For Factory Workers

Apple's image is as good as Bono's: No one has a bad thing to say about them (at least with Bono you've got the sunglasses -- who's the mental patient that bought him those?). But the reality is a bit more sinister. If you really think about it, those iPods will turn today's youth into a generation of Pete Townshends before we know it. Apple has also been quietly closing off the OS X core, removing users' ability to fiddle with its innards.

But now reports have surfaced that the insanely popular and eardrum-bashing iPods are built by Chinese workers who get $50 a month and work a mere 15 hours a day.

Makes Google's Chinese PR problems seem as trivial as a Jessica Simpson pimple.

Microsoft's iPod Should Be Built Right Here
Longtime Redmond superstar Robbie Bach (is that a cool name or what?) is hard at work on an answer to iTunes and the iPod (as long as they don't screw around with the capitalization, I'll be happy). And since all the device really has to do is play music, video and photos, maybe even Windows could handle the job.

Ex-Lotus CTO Touts App Dev Revolution
John Landry, the Lotus CTO who reigned during the height of Notes and the slow decline of 1-2-3, has a new lightweight development platform to build shareable Web-based apps. The system plays upon Landry's deep understanding of replication, which is at the core of his new AdessoNow Operating Environment Service. And if you build a cool app, Adesso will sell it for you and split the proceeds.

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