Thinking of a Raise? Think Again!

Getting a raise is cake when the economy is booming and your skills are in short demand. All you have to do is ask and maybe be willing to walk to a more generous outfit. But that apparently is not what we have today. Despite low unemployment and decent economic momentum, IT jobs are growing slower than a Dutch Elm. If you want a raise today, you have to ask real nice and maybe be willing to stay at your less generous outfit.

Gates: Take Two
Two of our star reporters, Ed Scannell and Stuart Johnston, teamed up to find out how Microsoft might live without Bill. The verdict: As irreplaceable as Bill might be, Ray Ozzie and new research top dog Craig Mundie are up to the challenge. And no one seems to think that Bill, who'll stay on as chairman, will back entirely away from the company he started some three decades ago. These two writers have as much experience covering Microsoft as Bill Gates has years (about 50 years, in case you were wondering), so their thoughts are well worth checking out.

Now You Can Call Yourself an Architect, and No One Can Argue
If you follow (when we changed to the name Redmond, we kept this site, which focuses on certification and technical/admin-type issues), then you know all about the new high-level Microsoft Certified Architect designation. Incredibly difficult to get (you won't be calling me an architect anytime soon), the program just went live. If you have more than 10 years of serious IT experience and know your way around the enterprise, you might want to give it a whirl. If you pass, don't use it to design an addition to the Guggenheim -- but you could revamp its network.

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