Redmond Doesn't Hate the Mac Entirely

Microsoft may not control the Mac, but it can make a few bucks off this old beauty. Mac Office still commands a premium price, and now Microsoft wants a piece of the Apple keyboard and mice market. The new, confusingly named Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac (I thought at first this was an entire computer) bundles a neatly curved keyboard (I tried Microsoft's curved PC keyboard and my wrists still haven't recovered from the trauma) and laser mouse, all for a nickel less than a hundred dollars.

Immigration Reform? Bill's All For It
Microsoft, which depends upon geniuses from around the world, has long been an advocate of immigration reform. To Redmond, letting smart people (who know or can learn to code) into this country is a no-brainer. Last week Bill Gates thanked the Senate for passing an immigration reform bill. Gates made no mention of the statutes pertaining to illegal immigrants, instead focusing on raising the number of people that qualify for H1-B visas, many of whom work for U.S. high-tech companies.

Gore and Apple and Global Warming
Al Gore's new movie about global warming has one star that doesn't get top billing in the credits: Apple Computer. Some who say the movie spent more time looking at Al's iBook (can't he afford a Powerbook?) than at melting glaciers. There may be a reason for all the great Apple exposure: Gore has been on the board of directors since 2003. And no, he does not claim to have invented the Macintosh -- only key parts of the interface. Observers also noticed that Gore is a whiz with PowerPoint (not sure if it is the Mac version).

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