The Ultimate Office

Office fans, have we got a deal for you. While your friends and co-workers pound away on Office Standard or Office Professional, you'll be on top of the heap, owner of Office Ultimate. That's right campers, for only $679 you'll get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Groove and InfoPath (and you know how popular that is).

Microsoft and eBay: Buy It Now?
Reports are surfacing that Microsoft may be trying to buy eBay. If true, I'd imagine the price tag would be a whopper -- the auction site's market cap is around $50 billion. Microsoft has bought a lot of companies, but I can't remember anything near that large. My prediction: It'll never happen.

The Anti-Virus Virus
I'm sure Symantec used to laugh every month when Microsoft's security bulletins came out describing flaws that let hackers take over our machines. The anti-virus leader isn't chuckling now that hackers found a way to use the software that is supposed to protect as a launch pad for attacks. Oops!

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Word Wide Open
Now there is another reason to hate Word. I get angry every time Word decides it knows how to format better than me, or crashes mid-document (I see the recovered files panel more than I see my kids sometimes). But if hackers exploit a recently found Word flaw on my machine, I'll be more than peeved -- they'll be walking on the fightin' side of me! This hole allows attacks to be carried out through e-mail attachments, and Symantec (makers of the less than foolproof anti-virus software discussed above) is telling users to be careful when opening Word attachments, and that IT should quarantine these attachments for up to a half a day. A patch from Microsoft is on fast forward, set for release well before the next Patch Tuesday.

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