Google Makes Money, Whether the Site is Real or Fake

Spotted a pretty cool story from the Seattle Times, which does a fine job covering Microsoft and is now moving onto Redmond’s competitors. This one was about Google and a neat trick where owners of Web sites that are a letter or two away from a major URL are making gobs of the green stuff with Google ads. The problem is these sites mimic well-established copyrights, which Google has sworn to protect. For my part, I’m impressed that some are making millions buying up URLs that bad spellers and those with fat fingers are sure to hit by accident.

Google Questions IE7 Tactics
While Google’s feet are being put to the fire over China and now these quasi-trademark infringing sites, it’s lashing out at Microsoft for too carefully intertwining the IE7 browser with MSN Search. This is good old-fashioned bundling -- the sort the FTC tried to do away with, Google says. Maybe it’s time for Google to finally build that long-rumored browser. What would you want to see in a Google browser? Let me know at [email protected].

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Virtual Alliance
Last week I told you about all the money VMware is raking in and how impressed I am with their aggressive strategy. You responded with over a dozen letters telling me how virtualization is such an important part of your IT life.

Well, things will only get better now that VMware has built a new alliance to make desktop virtualization ubiquitous and interoperable. Some cool companies have joined up, including Softricity, Altiris (which is moving aggressively into this space), Citrix and a few firms you may have heard of: Sun, HP and IBM.

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