Can an Ex-Redmond Exec Save MySpace?

MySpace has been in the news almost every day lately, with high school kids getting suspended for saying vicious and inappropriate things, a teacher in trouble for sending messages to a student she is accused of having inappropriate relations with, and a recent mass purging of offensive material.

Now a former Microsoft exec is coming to save the day. Hemanshu Nigam, who developed child protection programs for the company, will drive online safety for MySpace.

FrontPage, We Hardly Knew Ya
FrontPage, which Microsoft bought a decade ago to get into the Web page building business, never had the shine of tools from Macromedia and others, and was never seen as hip by the trendy Web set. Microsoft is replacing this single tool with three news ones: an app for building SharePoint sites, a high-end tool aimed at Dreamweaver users, and one based on Visual Studio for real geeks (being a geek is a good thing these days).

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Atlas CTP Shrugged
This week brings a new test rev of Atlas, a Microsoft-built tool for AJAX programmers.

With it developers can build apps that run on other platforms and non-IE browsers. The tool is almost ready for prime time, and Microsoft says apps built with the beta are good enough for production.

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