Patch Tuesday Redux

The folks that release Microsoft's security bulletins don't read Redmond Report. A month ago we made fun of their vulnerability descriptions, all of which were exactly the same. The same was true yesterday, as all five problems "could allow an attacker to take complete control of an affected system." Can you say cut and paste? The biggest patch plugs a major hole in IE that third parties already fixed.

Guest Macintosh Rant
Redmond Editor at Large Michael Desmond had a severe reaction to a recent column by uber-analyst Rob Enderle speculating on what would happen if Microsoft bought Apple. Here are Desmond's thoughts:

Microsoft's struggles with Vista have a lot of folks casting about for solutions. Industry watcher Rob Enderle, for one, thinks a Microsoft merger with Apple could knock the rust off executive management and bring some of Steve Jobs' sharp-edged project management to Redmond.

Enderle's proposal is tongue in cheek -- as he notes, "the U.S. government would [never] allow such a merger" -- but he says a close partnership with Apple could do wonders for Microsoft and its staff. "Employees might also move more freely between the firms, providing a formal system of cross-pollination in skills and practices that both could use," he writes.

Read the file under "Google, Ballmer's Reaction" to see what Microsoft thinks of employee cross-pollination. And really, any issues Microsoft has would swallow up any solution Apple brings to the table -- it's a simple matter of scale. Still, I'd welcome this partnership just to see footage of the inevitable Ballmer-Jobs boardroom cage match.

Norwegian Government Threatens Microsoft Market Share -- in Oslo
Norway wants to do away with expensive commercial Microsoft software and, as much as possible, switch to open source. As easy as it is to make fun of a tiny country thumbing its nose at Microsoft (Norwegian sales are a rounding error on the Redmond balance sheet), Norway is one of a growing number of countries pushing Microsoft out and inviting open source in.

I for one think this is a good thing, as real alternatives keep Microsoft on its toes.

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Drowning in a Sea of Web Sites
Last week we talked about the sheer number of Internet users slowing, growing only 5 or so percent a year. This may be true, but Web sites are multiplying faster than rabbits on Viagra. We are now at some 80 million Web pages, half of which are in active use. Meanwhile, more and more sites are based on IIS, and cult king Apache is losing market share by the gob.

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