Getting Your Exchange and MOM Houses in Order

It’s always tough to plan how many servers, drives and licenses you’ll need for a major app like Exchange. Easing that burden is System Center Capacity Planner 2006, which helps you figure out what you’ll need for a new (or perhaps growing) deployment of either Exchange or MOM. If you ponied up for a TechNet Plus subscription, this tool is free for the downloading.

Getting Your ISA Server House in Order
Microsoft also has a free tool to keep ISA Server 2004 in proper running order. The ISA Best Practices Analyzer makes sure ISA is configured right by running over 100 checks. This bad boy is free for the downloading here.

Scott Peterson: Web Star
I was reading the National Enquirer (had to learn first-hand about Ted Kennedy’s love child) and saw an item about Scott Peterson. It seems that the convicted killer of Laci has a Web site from which he needles Laci’s parents. Not sure if it was true (although the Enquirer has a better truth-to-lie ratio than the more entertaining alien and fat baby Weekly World News), so I did a quick Google search (Microsoft would prefer I do an MSN search -- Redmond can always dream) and found out it was true. Peterson has a Web site that he contributes to from death row. Scott isn’t sitting in his cell writing PHP scripts. Instead he appears to be feeding his thoughts to an outsider who builds the site on his behalf. There are photos of Scott and Laci, fond memories of a terrific marriage, and his outlandish claims of innocence.

Should prisoners have direct access to the Internet, and should they be allowed to build their own Web sites, have e-mail accounts, and be part of the Internet community? Let me know at

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Here’s a great quote from Scott’s site: "Laci and I enjoyed supporting education. I believe that we both volunteered at elementary schools during our high school years." Write back when you’re sure, OK Scottie?

Blogging Behind Bars
It’s rare for any prisoner, especially murderers, to have access to the Internet. Sure, there’s often limited access at prison libraries to do legal research, but there ain’t too many convicts surfing these days. Death row inmate Vernon Evans is doing his best to stay connected through a blog where he protests his innocence and doles out advice -- like a born-again hitman version of Dear Abby. Like Peterson and hundreds of other convicts, Evans forwards his material to someone on the outside who handles all the posting chores.

Here’s his blog.

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