Praising Microsoft’s Partner Program

A recent IDC report -- which Microsoft promptly promoted -- found that Microsoft’s partner program is superior to 25 other software competitors. As skeptical as I am of vendor-promoted research reports, I believe this one 100 percent. Some 97 percent of all Microsoft sales go through partners, and Redmond has a pretty amazing partner support infrastructure.

Our new magazine, Redmond Channel Partner surveyed some partners and found that, despite some typical griping, they’re pretty happy.

Are you a partner? What should Microsoft do to improve its program? What do you like and what do you hate? Let us know at [email protected]. If you want a free subscription to our new channel book, pop over here.

Blending Windows and Linux the Centeris Way
Centeris is a pretty cool company that is backed by an even cooler VC firm: Ignition Partners. Ignition is packed with former Microsoft big wigs, and these ex-execs spotted a winner in Centeris, which is just now shipping its first product, Likewise Management Suite 1.0. With Likewise, one can configure and manage Linux servers using common Windows tools.

What do you use Linux servers for, and have you dabbled with open-source desktops? Write me at [email protected].

Total Cell Phone Disaster
Cell phones have gotten a lot of folks in trouble, but it’s usually because of carelessness or stupidity, like keeping your girlfriend’s number as a contact and letting the wife borrow the phone. Not smart. But even the truly devious can now get nailed based on a new service that’ll scare up your cell phone records for a little as a hundred bucks. To suspicious housewives, this is a godsend -- money in the bank when it comes time to go to divorce court. To me it’s one more unacceptable invasion of privacy for me, my wife and my girlfriend.

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Wonder if Ray Wrote This One
Exchange is taking over the messaging world, but the pesky Notes/Domino family still has more market share than Redmond can stomach. To help the unwashed Lotus masses see the Exchange light, Microsoft introduced a new line of free tools to not just move mailboxes but application data as well.

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief technology officer, invented Notes, but no word yet on how he feels about gutting his old offspring. I used both and never fell in love with either. I still want my Eudora back!

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