Zero-Day Exploit Not Fixed on Day One

On Tuesday we wrote about a zero-day exploit that attacks the Windows graphics handler. Well, help is on the way -- next week! That’s right, Microsoft will patch this monster of a hole next week. In the meantime, Microsoft suggests unregistering the Windows Fax and Picture viewers. Or we could all turn our PCs off for a week.

Redmond Wakes from Google PR Nightmare
Researcher Kai-Fu Lee defected from Microsoft to Google prompting a Microsoft lawsuit for violating his non-compete contract. It got messy for Microsoft as stories of Redmond temper tantrums started to circulate. Now, all parties have settled their differences and Lee is free to devote his abundant skills to Google.

Mary Jo's 10 Surprises
Last week I told you about Directions on Microsoft's list of top Microsoft challenges for 2006. This week I'm suggesting you check out Mary Jo Foley's list of top 10 Microsoft surprises from last year. Foley was surprised that IE is no longer 100 percent tied to Windows and that Microsoft is writing a standalone version, that Ray Ozzie is truly devoted to the Microsoft cause, and that Microsoft security is still an oxymoron.

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Microsoft Nabs Human-Computer Interaction Guru
For those that say Microsoft doesn't care about innovation, I'd point to the more than $6 billion Redmond spends on research every year. There's a lot of pretty wild stuff $6 billion a year will eventually buy. A lot of those dollars go towards hiring true computer geniuses. The latest case in point is Bill Buxton, whose expertise is how humans can interact more effectively with computers, as well as advancing Microsoft's knowledge of film, music and design. Here Buxton has particularly good chops: He was chief scientist at Alias/Wavefront, a premiere animation/graphics/rendering provider for the film industry.

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