Unix Slowing, Windows Growing

The last time I wrote about server market share, Windows and Linux were taking huge chunks out of Unix. Now comes a new report from IDC where Windows and Linux are -- you guessed it -- taking huge chunks out of Unix.

Overall, server numbers grew strongly. Ironically, a lot of new boxes were bought in the name of server consolidation and are running virtualization software. Server sales go up so folks can reduce the number of servers? I’d expect lots of deals on decommissioned PowerEdges on eBay!

While Windows now represents the largest server segment, Linux is actually growing a lot faster, and if trends continue, it’ll outshine Windows.

Microsoft Pushes the Envelope -- Not!
Microsoft is not known for being risqué. No off-color jokes during keynotes and no top execs caught in compromising positions. So you can imagine my surprise when Microsoft suggested that we all shop in our underwear. Microsoft doesn’t want us to wander the local mall in our BVDs. Instead it wants us all right in front of our PCs shopping through MSN.

In a bald-faced publicity stunt, the usually funny Cedric the Entertainer walked through Times Square in New York with 50 folks stripped down to their unmentionables.

This event is lamer than a washed-up NFL running back.

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Hosting with the Mosting
With the recent dual leak of Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie memos Microsoft revealed to the world that Microsoft is a born-again Web services believer. It’s already taking baby steps and even some big-boy strides, such as the release of version 3.5 of its hosted services portfolio which includes e-mail and calendaring, keeps mobile devices in sync, and lets workers collaborate over the Web.

And Tosses Hosting Bones to Partners
Hosting software is nothing without a host. Microsoft is looking for solid partners to support its Web services and hosted services push. To attract a few accomplices, Microsoft is giving away some tools to speed up app deployment. An interesting part of the offering is a new monthly licensing option to make it easier for partners to resell Microsoft services and apps.

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