Enter a New Player in Virtualization

Many think that Windows virtualization is a two-horse market: EMC’s VMware versus Microsoft. SWsoft, a player in the hosted/telco/ISP market, joined the fray in June and has a new version of its Windows tool, Virtuozzo 3.5. Having earned its stripes in demanding hosted environments, the company is not afraid of competing on high-end features. It points to low overhead, fast performance and the total isolation of one virtual server from another as key selling points.

Virtual Hardware, Too!
Intel is pushing virtualization down to the processor level and its OEMs are now shipping desktops that can run more than one OS at a time. Beyond the pure “buzz” factor, this is tres important. Look at it this way: As an IT pro, you could set up different partitions for different functions. One partition could be for browsing, another for e-mail, isolating spyware and viruses. While this runs counter to Microsoft’s integrate-everything master plan, it does help keep our systems actually running.

Windows More Reliable
This one gets a skeptical “hmmm.” Microsoft has just released results of an exclusive study, and who would have guessed -- Windows servers are more reliable than their Linux counterparts. The skeptic in me laughs derisively (stole that phrase from a bad novel), but my experience tells me different. As much as XP has as many crashes as a stock car track during amateur hour, Microsoft server products -- at least now -- hold the road pretty well.

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Ozzie Blog Mania
Faithful readers of this newsletter have perhaps noticed two minor obsessions of mine: Google, and to a lesser degree, Ray Ozzie. Ozzie, creator of Notes and now with Microsoft, is driving much of Microsoft’s direction. And in a change of pace at Microsoft, he is being awfully open about issues, challenges and directions. Plus, he seems genuinely interested in what YOU have to say. In fact, I forwarded an interesting message from a Redmond Report reader that was rather quickly absorbed. So yes, you can make a difference.

One way for Ozzie to talk to customers is through a new blog (he had one in the old days back at Groove). The guy is smart, a great writer (he could take over this job in a heartbeat) and happens to report to Bill. Worth a read? Definitely!

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