Google Indexes the World

The latest announcement from Google could cause me to forever stop making fun of the search giant and bow down in honor. Google is already the world’s best search engine. Just to check, I went back to my old favorite AltaVista, which when I search on myself comes up with a lame selection of results, while Google strokes my ego with thousands of pages.

Just for giggles, do a Google search on Doug Barney and look under “groups.” Let me know if the first result is true at [email protected].

Anyway, the world’s best search engine wants us all to upload our favorite bits of data so it can be indexed and found by folks all over the world -- without us all having to build Web sites. Many believe this will lead to an explosion in classified ads, dethroning Craigslist (ask me about the sweet deal I got on a ’79 Sportster last night from Craigs).

This is exactly what Google should be doing, inventing things no one has thought of. Now people addicted to eBay and Craigslist will have a whole new way to waste their time and blow their kid’s college money. Thanks Google!

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Observing VoIP
Long time Sniffer rival Network Instruments has a new version of its Observer tool and a new mission -- to easily hunt down problems with Voice over IP. In addition to a host of new network analysis features and 64-bit support, the company has a new VoIP analysis tool. Instead of seeing a whole bunch of meaningless voice analyzer data, network pros will see voice activity represented just like any other kind of data, and can more easily see where problems lie.

Office 12 Beta
How do you know if you’re in Microsoft’s good graces? You receive a beta for Office 12. Dubbed a “Technical Beta,” the software is only going to select customers and partners. All you lowlifes will have to wait ‘til spring to get your grubby paws on the more general beta. That’s the beta they’ll give to just about anyone.

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