SQL Server 2005 At Last

I always get nervous when Microsoft attaches a year to a product name before the product ever ships. So when the oft-delayed Yukon was named SQL Server 2005, I reckoned the software would actually ship in 2006. I was wrong: The database is now in manufacturing.

In typically strange fashion, Microsoft will launch the product next Monday, more than a week after it was finished. I guess what you do is have 10 to 12 formal preannouncements, the announcement about the upcoming announcement, and then the post-product announcement. What’s next, a one-month anniversary announcement?

Just as strangely, the formal announcement of BizTalk Server 2006 will take place the same day, well before the product ships. It’s true, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to Microsoft announcements!

Mo’ Money
Carl Sagan had his billions and billions of stars, and Microsoft has its billions and billions of dollars in profit. In its most recent quarter, Redmond socked away more than $3 billion in pure profit. To keep things in perspective, Google, the big Redmond threat, had revenues roughly equivalent to Microsoft’s profits. Eric Schmidt has a lot of catching up to do.

Microsoft Booking Books
While Google upsets authors by digitizing copyrighted content, Microsoft is taking the higher ground, scanning some 150,000 books and distributing them electronically. Unlike Google, Microsoft is asking everyone for permission.

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