VMware Isn’t Lying Down

When Microsoft enters a market, it often isn’t long before the pioneers are dead and buried (Netscape, Lotus SmartSuite and Sybase’s SQL Server are all pretty much fertilizer now). But EMC’s VMware is holding tough and this week raised the bar on enterprise virtualization.

For one thing, VMware is prepping new versions of its software that will support QoS and offer improved management of multiple servers and ensure greater availability. Perhaps based on advice from its new owner EMC, VMware is also looking to support iSCSI and NAS storage.

Intel Chips on Track
It’s unusual to see Intel on the defensive, but that’s where AMD has put it. And so it was that Intel held a press conference this week to promise to deliver things that AMD is already shipping. The name of today’s game is dual and multi-core, and then allowing these to work more easily in multi-processor situations.

So, like AMD before it, Intel now has a dual-core processor and has a rev of it in the works for multi-processing.

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Learning to Teach
The Microsoft Learning Group has some new plans for IT and for partners. The big news is the integration of Microsoft Learning and the Microsoft Partner Program. Partners specialize in what Microsoft calls “competencies.” With the integration, training and certifications can be more easily used to qualify for the competencies. Microsoft is also looking at new lab-based training approaches.

For the full Q&A with Learning exec Lutz Ziob, go here.

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