CipherTrust Ships New, Improved Secure E-mail Appliances

Secure e-mail vendor CipherTrust released one new model and one significantly upgraded model in its line of reputation-based secure e-mail appliances.

The new IronMail Edge is an outside-the-firewall server meant to stop spam, viruses, phishing exploits, and other questionable e-mail. “It automatically stops e-mail coming from known bad sources,” says a company spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the Alpharetta, Ga. firm also began shipping IronMail Gateway 6.0, an inside-the-firewall device. Improvements in the company’s flagship product include new features to block inbound e-mail threats, protect against outbound policy and compliance violations as well as improve the overall user experience, the company says. It also features tighter integration with the correlation engine.

Both models are built on CipherTrust’s TrustedSource global threat correlation engine, which examines and evaluates all messages based on a “reputation-based” model. The engine uses profile data derived from the company’s customers to decide whether or not to let a message pass – the company claims to have a third of the Fortune 500 in its customer ledgers.

“CipherTrust’s correlation engine is able to set a reputation [rating] on every IP address,” the spokesperson adds. “Based on traffic and the sender, the engine is able to score messages as good, bad or suspicious.”

IronMail Edge starts at $9,995 and can handle a volume of three million messages per hour, the company claims. IronMail Gateway 6.0 starts at $5,995.

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