PromptPal Spiffs Up Command Prompt with Windows Look and Feel

Technology Lighthouse is shipping PromptPal, an add-on user interface for the Microsoft command prompt that converts the popular administrators’ command line tool into a Windows program.

PromptPal enables administrators to perform Windows-style editing, replete with drag-and-drop capabilities and standard keyboard shortcuts. The program also provides auto-complete functions, suggesting matches from its history as well as from a list of more than 140 standard commands. The tool prompts users with common switches and options as soon as it recognizes a command and lets users enter folder and file paths or drag in files to insert their paths.

PromptPal executes instructions using the Microsoft command processor, and displays the results in either single-pane view, or in a dual-pane view that separates commands from output. Users can save the contents of a pane to a file to quickly create batch files, according to the Glasgow, Scotland, UK-based Technology Lighthouse.

An optional “band” that acts like a combination of the Windows "Run" box and the command prompt can be docked to the Windows Task Bar next to the Start button, providing quick access to the tool. Users can access command and path histories, edit and display preferences, and add to the list of recognized commands. Since it is integrated with the Windows shell, right-clicking on a drive or folder lets the user open a new PromptPal window directly at that location.

PromptPal, costs $29.99 and runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.

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