XML to DB Transfer Tool Ships

DataMirror is shipping version 3 of its DB/XML Transform tool for providing data exchange between XML, text, database and EDI file formats.

Enhancements to DB/XML 3.0 include support for service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration, improved error reporting, enhanced platform support and embedded database functions aimed at lowering integration costs of moving data between multiple source and target applications, according to the Markham, Ontario firm.

Other new and improved features include a Web services control, which supports sourcing and targeting Web services and integration within an SOA, as well as logging of rejected records for simplified administration and monitoring of records rejected during text-to-database transformations. If a record from the source text file fails to be sent to a target database, it is stored in a text file with the same structure as the data source.

In addition, DB/XML 3.0 now supports transformations of flat files so that users can define the file structure of source flat files in a schema file when integrating XML, EDI, and text with applications, relational databases or message queues. Developers can also use multiple flat files as a source, enabling them to perform joins between multiple flat files into a single business transaction before the files are sent to an application, database or message queue.

DB/XML 3.0 also adds support for integrating information into applications through a message queue by targeting Java Message Service queues natively. Also, version 3 embeds DataMirror’s PointBase, a SQL92/99 JDBC-compliant Java relational database. It provides a built-in staging database for performing joins and other complex transformations as data is mapped between business applications.

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