Let’s Get Virtual

VMware (owned by EMC, though the storage giant downplays the fact) is in a position that has been the death of many a company—its two main products compete directly against fundamentally similar products from Microsoft. It didn’t work for OS/2, SmartSuite or Netscape. But EMC, I mean VMware, hopes to escape that fate, and part of the strategy is to make virtualization a platform. Focused on the server tool, VMware is giving source code to partners that will contribute to product development and write to VMware APIs. On board so far? Cisco, CA, Dell, HP, IBM and Novell. What, no Microsoft?

Patch Blows a Hole
A recently posted IE patch turned out to be a corrupted file. Microsoft has already reposted the patch so feel free to look for MS05-038 at its download center.

Microsoft’s Take on Linux
Linux zealots love to hate Microsoft, but Redmond is actually doing some terrific work in the area of interoperability. Driven, of course, by self-interest, Microsoft is trying to make sure that major Linux distributions and apps run in a Microsoft-centric environment, and that Active Directory and Microsoft management tools can reach out to Linux. This is a good thing, as it makes it easier to bring in Linux to solve specific problems, even if you have a Windows shop. Bill Hilf, Microsoft platform technology strategy director, has been all over spreading this message, even stopping by LinuxWorld.

Fair and Balanced Search
Fox News owner Rupert “Pupkin” Murdoch is trying to buy a search engine as well as other online properties. To me, the search game is becoming a one-vendor show, and to be successful you must either out-Google Google or build a compelling niche product. Murdoch as a businessman may go for the brass ring and buy a general purpose engine, while the politically minded Murdoch might want to build a right-wing search engine where the first result of every search has either George Bush or Pat Buchanan in the title.

This is actually a brilliant idea, and I want a cut if he does it. Having a site that offers content that matches your political or religious viewpoint would be a wonderful thing. What kind of search engine would you like to see? Mail me at [email protected] and let me know if I can use your comments in my next newsletter.

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Virtual Overdose
What happens when you spend 50 hours glued to a computer screen playing war games? If you’re 28-year-old Mr. Lee from South Korea, you drop dead. The young man was so enthralled by games that he quit his job so it wouldn’t interfere with his obsession.

Some will claim that Lee’s death goes to show that video games are bad. But let’s face it, he spent the last three days of his life doing something he loved, something we should all wish for. How would you spend your last 50 hours? Tell me at [email protected]. And try to keep it clean!

Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About IE7, Vista and Longhorn Server
Faithful Redmond Report readers may not know that our company has a hot Web site beside Redmondmag.com—ENTmag.com. And one of the best things about the site is its array of special reports. ENTmag.com Editor Scott Bekker has just posted a doozy, with insight into the Vista beta, details about Microsoft’s upcoming browser and a look at what’s happening with the Longhorn server. Impress your friends, boss, spouse or dentist with your mastery of these subjects by reading the report.

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