Pre-announcing the Announcement

Microsoft this week told the world that later this week it will announce that in November it will launch new products that will probably ship sometimes afterward on dates that have yet to be announced but will be announced once they ship after the launch. This is the new way to launch products: Announce every detail so by the time a product actually ships there’ve been umpteen celebrations. Heck, it worked for Windows 3.0, 95 and every version since!

Now Microsoft has announced that it’s leaking more details about Yukon, soon to be SQL Server 2005, and Whidbey, soon to be Visual Studio 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006, apparently not worthy of a cool code name, saying that they’ll be launched Nov. 7 of this year. On tap are some 90 separate launch events.

Pre-announce, Take Two
Microsoft also announced that it will pre-announce the next version of Microsoft CRM. CRM 3.0 will be previewed this week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. The customer relationship tool will mimic the look and feel of Office and Outlook, making it especially enticing to customers without proprietary CRM tools, and will also come loaded with standard Microsoft productivity software.

Bill Gates Really Is Cool
Bill Gates is a star. The richest man in the universe, creator of one of the biggest brands in the world, and the one who made it cool to be smart, really smart.

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Now Bill Gates is a rock star, too. At the recent Bob Geldof Live 8 charity concert, manned by the same exact senior citizens who played at Geldof’s last show, Bill Gates made some quick remarks and was wildly applauded by all the fogies in attendance.

Don’t get me wrong. The concert, semi-lame as it was, did a great thing by raising money for famine relief. But Gates has raised far more, single-handedly. And he has handpicked issues like AIDS in India and population control. He earned all the applause.

XP is Kinda Cool
Trying to keep XP on the leading edge, Microsoft announced Digital Image Studio 2006, a tool to organize photos, videos and more. There are also some low-end photo manipulation features—all for about a hundred bucks.

Sasser Case Cracked
A German teen who is stupid, evil or both recently confessed to writing the Sasser worm. Sven Jaschan was a minor at the time so he’ll slip by the five-year penalty for an adult. Microsoft, God bless it, was behind the arrest.

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