Give Your Teacher an Apple, But Buy Her XP

Microsoft, which booted Apple out of the education market years ago, is adding a few spiffs for the academically inclined. Schools with volume licenses can get free software that helps automate assignments, new academic-specific features such as bibliographies, and bundled software from educational providers.

Microsoft is also prepping the Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP to help students share a single PC.

AMD Strikes Back
Microsoft is possibly the toughest company in the world on competitors, but Intel may come in a close second. AMD was almost knocked off by the Santa Clara-based chip giant, but made a killer comeback with an aggressive 64-bit plan that reversed years of simply copying Intel. Now the feisty AMD is trying to get even for years of perceived torment with a massive anti-trust lawsuit. AMD claims Intel pressured, forced, bullied or otherwise coerced computer makers into using its, and not AMD’s, processors.

Windows 2000 Tweaked
Windows 2000 users might want to avail themselves of the new Update Rollup for Windows 2000 for SP4. The update “rolls up” all the security fixes since the release of Service Pack 4. Be there or be hacked.

Viva La Windows!

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Mexican computer users will get a price break on their next PC—if it’s equipped with the new slimmed-down XP aimed at less-developed countries. The cheaper XP lacks some networking features and can’t run as many apps.

Cheap is good. With Dell now selling some pretty nice $300 PCs, a cost of half that much for Mexico sounds pretty enticing. Still, that could be two weeks’ salary south of the border.

Partners Rewarded -- For Crippling Competitors
This week Microsoft announced a boat load of partner awards, and the criterion for many was stealing business away from Linux, Unix and Novell. Hey, this is capitalism, isn’t it?

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