Windows x64 Editions Coming in April

Microsoft will deliver the x64 editions of Windows Server 2003 at the beginning of April and the x64 edition of Windows XP later in the month, Microsoft group vice president Jim Allchin said at the Intel Developer Forum this week.

"In about a month, you will see us deliver the x64 edition of our server product, and after that you will see us at the same month, deliver the 64-bit x64 edition for your Xeon and Pentium on the workstation side," Allchin told Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger during a guest appearance in Gelsinger's keynote.

"So we are very, very committed," Allchin said. "It's been a long road coming, but we are going to be there."

Microsoft first launched a customer preview program for Windows for x86 systems with 64-bit extensions back in January 2004. At the time, the operating system was aimed at supporting only AMD64-based processors. Since then, Intel launched its compatible EM64T processors, and the Microsoft operating system supports both.

Microsoft supports Intel's other 64-bit processor, the Itanium, on different editions of Windows Server 2003 that shipped in April 2003.

While Allchin didn't mention Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, his statements about x64 mean Microsoft must release SP1 this month. Microsoft has previously said it would ship SP1 before the x64 editions.

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