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Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine print subscribers next month will begin to receive Redmond Magazine. Despite many of the negative comments we've heard about the name change (I'd point them out on our Web site, but I'm sure you can Google them), we've heard quite a few of you tell us "I get it!" (that from an listener, via e-mail, in response to a recent MCP Radio show asking for your feedback).

If you're one of the lucky few who qualifies for a subscription, many of you will get magazine in the mail beginning September 28. You'll notice that favorites, such as Bill Boswell, Roberta Bragg, Don Jones and Chris Brooke, will continue to grace the pages with their unique tips on squeezing the most out of your networks and systems.

Some things will be unique to Redmond. Editors have turned the traditional software review on its ear in what they're calling "Your Turn." Your Turn highlights key Microsoft and third-party software as it's being implemented by IT pros just like you, with their insights and comments on what works and what can get you into trouble.

As well, you can expect journalistic features, like the one in the October issue from Redmond editors Scott Bekker, Keith Ward and Lafe Low, who offer Bill Gates a performance review in his transformation as chief software architect. The presidential election is approaching and Redmond covers it too, in its unique way, with Scott sleuthing the contributions key Microsoft executives have made to the candidates thus far.

Redmond is the evolution of Microsoft Certified Professional, with Redmond aiming to be an independent voice, speaking for and to readers who want coverage of Microsoft and the companies that play in its backyard, coverage that's "tough but fair," as we've been repeating like a mantra here in the editorial offices.

Redmond will also debut a new Web site in the coming weeks, Redmondmag.com, which will allow the editors and contributing writers to expand on the coverage in the print magazine in ways that only can be done online.

So, where does that leave the IT professional who still wants certification-related information? That's where MCPmag.com comes in. We'll continue to review exams and books and training, revisit the certification process as it evolves, examine changes within and external to the Microsoft Learning group and the impact those changes will have on you, and inform you on the site and in the newsletters as events unfold.

MCPmag.com will also continue its tradition of offering tactical, technical information, with "Boswell's Q&A" and "Don Jones' Windows Tip Sheet" on a weekly basis, plus some new, features that provide that information with a certification perspective on a periodic basis.

It's more of what you want, in print and online, from two new sources and one that's been your ongoing certification companion. Let us know how we can continue to serve you. Write me at [email protected].

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Michael Domingo has held several positions at 1105 Media, and is currently the editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine.


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