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Some of you seem a bit nervous about the impending change to Redmond magazine. I've recently received several letters voicing concerns over changes in content and focus. There's only one way to make you feel better—to assure you that this is your magazine. So let's start by having you help me write this editorial.

From all your comments, it's obvious you enjoy the magazine and appreciate the usefulness of our hands-on content. That's why some fear those articles will vanish under the new Redmond regime. "Please continue to offer primarily technical advice and articles as you evolve your magazine. There are enough InfoWorlds and Information Weeks out there providing 'industry insight' and direction, but very little in the way of how-to articles and details on how to solve real-world problems," pressed reader Jeff Kohut. And Jeff doesn't see certification as an issue in determining what someone wants to read. "I am not certified (as an MCP). Certification means something, but not everything. I have known MCPs who could not troubleshoot their way out of a wet paper bag, and non-MCPs who were excellent computer professionals."

John Kull agrees 100 percent. "MCP Mag is a great magazine and the name works just fine. I have subscribed to many magazines over the years and a name change usually means one thing: A major change in content and editorial direction. There are many magazines out there already reporting on the 'industry.' Do we really need another one?" notes Kull.

Jeff and John, your wish is our command. Every issue of Redmond will be packed with real-world reviews, problem-solving techniques, and deep technical insight from our expert columnists. On top of that, we'll tackle the issues that IT professionals face every day in dealing with Microsoft and its technologies. Those ideas will come from you—by talking with you and listening to your struggles and successes.

You will see yourself reflected in our pages. We have a new approach to reviews, called Your Turn. Here we set up criteria just like a lab review, but the categories are filled in based on real production user experiences. We'll also add your comments to our single product reviews and product roundups.

That means we'll be spending a lot more time talking to you, asking for ideas, opinions and experiences. We'll be relying heavily on to do so (you have checked out the site, haven't you?). So get ready to talk.

As always, I can be reached at [email protected]. I take each and every message seriously. Just ask Jeff and John.

About the Author

Doug Barney is editor in chief of Redmond magazine and the VP, editorial director of Redmond Media Group.


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