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Check out the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a RAD WinForms data navigation control for .NET developers.

dtrt.NavBarWin is a RAD Windows Forms data navigation control for .NET developers that's built to work with data sets, views, collections, and every object that implements the IList interface. You use the control to navigate in a data collection either by clicking on buttons, using shortcut keys, entering navigation commands in the display window, or selecting commands from the context menu. You can also activate developer-defined buttons. An integrated designer lets you build horizontal, vertical, and custom layouts. Samples in VB.NET and C# show possible implementations. $31.30.
Phone: +41-76-467-2936

Gnostice eDocEngine ActiveX/.NET 1.0
Gnostice eDocEngine ActiveX/.NET is a generic electronic document creation component suite for Visual Studio and VS.NET. eDocEngine lets you create electronic documents in more than 18 formats, including PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, and Metafile. Its generic engines let you add custom content to meet any kind of application need. Advanced features for PDF output include compression, encryption, TrueType fonts, font embedding, font subsetting, international characters, bookmarks, and notes annotations. You can convert RichText to PDF, HTML, and other formats, making the documents more portable. eDocEngine allows end-user configuration of document output through runtime dialogs. $299.
Gnostice Information Technologies
Phone: +91-80-2336-7206

Gnostice PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET 1.0
Gnostice PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET is a PDF document management component set for Visual Studio and VS.NET. PDFtoolkit lets you fill and read PDF forms; compress, secure, append, and merge multiple PDF documents; stamp; set bookmarks; and more. PDFtoolkit automates reading of filled PDF forms and captures data accurately in the format you want, processing thousands of forms in seconds. It automates filling PDF forms with constant data or unique data picked up from any data store, and it distributes the filled forms in one go. It also automates the extraction of document metadata and saves it to a data store, enabling fast searching and retrieval based on document information elements. $299.
Gnostice Information Technologies
Phone: +91-80-2336-7206

InstallShield X
InstallShield X lets you author industry-standard installations targeting nearly any platform, operating system, and device. InstallShield X is the successor to both InstallShield DevStudio and InstallShield MultiPlatform, combining both products into one solution that addresses all deployment scenarios. It lets you develop Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript, universal engine, and mobile device installations with one solution. It features application update messaging, which keeps customers current on the latest release of your product with automatic update alerts. It also features SQL Server and IIS Web services support, letting you configure all aspects of a Web or database application. You can run SQL scripts as part of your installation or deploy a Web service to an existing project. InstallShield X also features enhanced mobile device support. $1,199.
Phone: 800-809-5659; 847-466-4000


Apoc PDF Toolkit 3.0
Apoc PDF Toolkit lets you manipulate existing PDF documents and create new ones. Developed using Microsoft's .NET environment, this 100-percent managed code toolkit is compatible with any .NET application. Version 3.0 adds linearization (Web optimization), and it lets you enable your apps to process any PDF file and optimize it for display over the Internet. You can Web-optimize a PDF with a few lines of code, enabling any page within a large document to be viewed almost instantly from within a Web browser without the need for the entire document to be downloaded first. Apoc PDF Toolkit supports version 1.4 of the Adobe PDF reference specification and supports the production of PDF documents to Acrobat version 5. It is backward-compatible with all previous versions of the PDF specification. $499.
Chive Software

Dundas Chart for .NET 4.0
Dundas Chart for .NET 4.0 includes new features you can use to create advanced, dynamic charts. It features advanced animation, Flash rendering, template support, and a new series of financial chart types. You can add flexibility to your charts with a variety of prebuilt animation themes, and you have the ability to customize your own. You can also use Kagi charts, which display a series of connecting vertical lines where the thickness and direction of the lines are dependent on the price action. Other new features include the ability to specify a separate color for each of the custom axis label text and markings; more control of the drawing width of data points; and new samples in VB and C#. Starts at $699.
Dundas Software
Phone: 800-463-1492; 416-467-5100

OraDirect .NET Data Provider 2.30
OraDirect .NET Data Provider is a 100-percent managed .NET data provider for direct access to Oracle server for the Microsoft .NET Framework. The provider is based on ADO.NET technology and uses OCI so you can create lightweight and fast applications working with Oracle. You can use OraDirect .NET Data Provider in the same way as you use SQL Server .NET or the OLE DB .NET Data Provider. The latest version provides support for Oracle 10g, Oracle XMLType data type, BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE types, and Oracle 10g Instant Client. The provider offers advanced design-time editors; integrated OraTools to design, debug, and try SQL; and PL/SQL and browse schema objects. OraDirect .NET supports Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, and 8.0, including Personal and Lite editions, it works with .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1, and you can use it with VS.NET 2003, VS.NET 2002, Borland Delphi 8, and Borland C#Builder 1.0. $99 Standard Edition; $149 Professional Edition.
Core Lab Software Development

Pragmatier Data Tier Builder 2.6.1
Pragmatier Data Tier Builder generates business-entity components that give you type-safe, object-oriented data access through a traversable class model mapped to one or more relational databases. It can wrap existing databases or generate a new one automatically based on your class model. With version 2.6.1, you can now choose not to generate FilterBy and SortBy methods, thus reducing the component size by 80 percent. It also supports standard interfaces and exposes only the domain model members that you actually need, letting you learn the domain model as you code. Contact vendor for pricing.

SmartBatch 2004
SmartBatch 2004 is a Windows application automation and job-batch scheduling solution. This release enhances the ease of use, scalability, distributed processing, load balancing, and fault tolerance. The 100-percent native .NET implementation takes advantage of the .NET Framework and other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), Message Queuing, and integrated role-based Windows security. You can automate your apps using advanced scheduling options, job dependencies, status information, and history tracking. SmartBatch 2004 eliminates this manual process with advanced scheduling activities and built-in notifications to alert on-call staff to problems. $695 Standard Edition; $1,295 Enterprise Edition.
OnLine ToolWorks
Phone: 503-297-0609

Spices.NET 3.5
Spices.NET is a set of .NET plug-ins that offers a range of services such as protecting your intellectual property by preventing disassembling, decompilation, modeling, PE/metadata browsing, and verification tools. The set includes five components: Obfuscator, Decompiler, Modeler, Investigator, and Informer. Spices.Obfuscator obfuscates .NET assemblies, helping to prevent others from generating code from the protected assemblies by complicating the process of assembly disassembling and reverse engineering. Spices.Decomplier decompiles .NET assemblies into six languages (MSIL, VB.NET, C#, MC++, J#, and Delphi.Net) with syntax highlighting, with or without code optimizations. Spices.Modeler generates various types of diagrams and charts related to various aspects of assembly members and their relations. Spices.Investigator is a low-level .NET metadata and PE-format browser. Spices.Informer shows information about a currently selected assembly and can find and identify any assembly member by its token. Contact vendor for pricing.

Visual Intercept 3.6
Visual Intercept helps you track design flaws, bugs, change requests, audit compliance requirements, support calls, and more. Version 3.6 features integration to Windows SharePoint Services and a built-in screenshot utility. The Windows SharePoint Services integration lets you collaborate on documents such as specifications, requirements, and test plans related to issues and projects. The screenshot utility lets you, in one step, generate a screen capture of any active window and have it attached and uploaded with an issue report. Visual Intercept 3.6 also features user interface enhancements, such as the ability to add custom fields to the listviews. Contact vendor for pricing.
Elsinore Technologies
Phone: 866-866-0034; 919-532-0022

Visual SlickEdit 9
Visual SlickEdit 9 is a development workbench with a set of multilanguage tools to give you control over code. It now lets you edit, compile, and debug CLR apps for .NET without leaving the SlickEdit environment. CLR support also includes intelligent coding assistance, such as library function help and parameter information. SlickEdit includes 10 C++ refactorings-refactoring lets you improve the structure of source code for better performance, ease of maintenance, and future enhancements. SlickEdit 9 also includes full-screen editing and dual-monitor support. A backup history stores changes locally, letting you restore previous versions not checked in to version control. $299; $269 for electronic download.
Phone: 800-934-3348; 919-473-0070

WiredNav 2.0
WiredNav is a self-wiring .NET control for filling, navigating, searching, updating, and reporting ADO.NET data tables. You can use the control in database apps without making any initial property settings for the control or writing code. There are no DataAdapter, DataSet, DataSource, or DataTable properties for the control. At run time, the navigator automatically wires itself to every data object found on the Windows Form to which it is added. Only one navigator is required per form instead of one per data table without additional coding. WiredNav includes a number of features to improve data binding, currency management, and disconnected data handling. For reporting, WiredNav can print and view reports created using Crystal Reports for VS.NET and SQL Server Reporting Services. You can use WiredNav with SQL, Oracle, OLE DB, and ODBC data adapters. $199.
Red Brook Software
Phone: 518-248-3450


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