Books: Develop Web Solutions With VB.NET

VB.NET offers an improved palette for creating Web-based software. Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET is a complete reference book that gives you all the info you need.

Visual Studio .NET and the enhancements to the Visual Basic language give you a new and improved palette for creating Web-based software. However, these new tools come at a significant cost of learning. Having experience in previous versions of Visual Basic or a Web development environment won't necessarily make you immediately proficient at building Web applications with VB.NET. The authors of Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET have worked hard to significantly lessen this burden.

If you're looking for a complete reference book for building Web applications with VB.NET, this book should be on your list. It begins with a general discussion of Web applications, taking you from the creation of simple Web pages and Web server controls to the development of XML Web services. A large part of the book discusses how to access data and provides you with details on how to build and deploy your Web applications. The book features a lot of quality sample code and illustrations, and the four detailed appendices do a good job of filling in some of the foundation knowledge that will increase your overall understanding of HTML, XML, and development server configurations. You won't be a software architect after reading this 900-page, 15-chapter book, but you will have all the information you'll need to be proficient at developing and managing Web solutions built with VB.NET.

Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET
by Lynn Torkelson, Constance Petersen, and Zac Torkelson
ISBN: 1590590279
Price: $59.95
Quick Facts: Shows you how to build Web applications and services using Visual Basic .NET; written for experienced Web programmers.
Pros: Excellent appendix chapters on Web design tips, HTML quick reference, XML quick reference, and server configurations.
Cons: Thick and intimidating.

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