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Take a look at these various add-ins to your Visual Studio .NET environment.

You can use dotImage for the Microsoft .NET Framework to implement imaging into .NET 1.0 and 1.1 applications. This object-oriented .NET-based imaging solution does not rely on interoperability with .NET COM/ActiveX wrappers. dotImage contains a class library with hundreds of imaging-related features as well as WinForms and ASP.NET WebForm components and controls to display, manipulate, and print images. The Professional Edition displays black-and-white document images by including scale-to-gray display and image-processing features. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 413-572-4443

mapforce 2004
mapforce is a visual data-integration tool that autogenerates data-mapping code in various output languages such as XSLT and Java. It enables XML-to-XML or database-to-XML data transformations. You can convert any relational data to XML by drawing visual mappings from relational databases to any data model expressed in XML schema. You can define mappings by drawing lines visually between data structures, preview code, and sample output with a single click. It supports all major relational databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, and any database with ADO or ODBC connectivity. $499.
Phone: 978-816-1600

Object Helper Library
Object Helper Library encapsulates into a COM+ library all the necessary functionality to translate and transfer information when reading and writing text files in systems with a SQL Server or Oracle back end. An integrated UI helps you create and maintain detailed data maps that describe the database structure and file formats. You can use events to customize various steps in the process, such as applying business rules or calculating values. The DataHelper object emulates the structure of other objects and can handle hierarchical relationships. Along with the FileHelper object, the DataHelper object can help with database support, trusted connections, and file parsing. Contact vendor for pricing.
Computer Simple
Phone: 617-822-2236

Together Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Together Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET lets you design, model, and develop your .NET applications in a single environment. It supports all major UML diagrams, and it synchronizes models and code automatically. Changes made by anyone on the team are always reflected in both the code and the models. It also provides metrics, which let you measure and benchmark the complexity, quality, and size of software projects. You can generate documentation for projects, diagrams, packages, and namespaces; documentation includes project browser tree and overview tabs, and you can run the documentation with automated scripts. Together Edition also features advanced diagramming features, such as object-to-class linking, the ability to create class operations on the fly, and the ability to keep operation names in sync. Contact vendor for pricing.
Borland Software
Phone: 800-632-2864; 831-431-1000


Casper 2.0
Casper (CrypKey Automated Software Purchasing & Electronic Registration) automates the authorization of CrypKey-protected products. It's supported on Windows Server 2003, and it uses SQL Desktop (MSDE). Casper users can process and authorize customer payment information by verifying serial numbers or credit card purchases before authorizing the use of a CrypKey-protected product. It enables users to download, complete product trials, and purchase automatically 24 hours a day. Starts at $1,995.
Phone: 403-258-6274

CodeSMART 2003 for VS.NET
CodeSMART 2003 for VS.NET features a number of productivity tools as add-ins to the VS.NET Framework. It includes an AutoText system that lets you write complete blocks of code by typing a few letters or by using a keyboard shortcut; Advanced Code Builders, which reduces the time needed to implement complex code constructs; and Simple Code Builders, which lets you construct new classes, properties, indexers, and methods. The Code Snippets Manager helps you organize your code libraries into logical categories and share them within your team. The Code Explorer features expandable code, member type, distinction, custom sorting, and Visual SourceSafe improved integration. $189.

DevStudio 9
DevStudio 9 lets you choose the Microsoft Windows installation technologies that best suit your needs. You can create installations using Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript, or smart device installation types with a single interface. It eliminates the need to purchase more than one installation solution and ensures the necessary tools are available if setup requirements change. It combines the capabilities of InstallShield Developer and InstallShield Professional into one Windows installation authoring solution. You can select from multiple installation project types, including those that utilize the InstallScript-based architecture supported previously in InstallShield Professional, and the MSI-based architecture supported previously in InstallShield Developer. DevStudio features a new Project Assistant that guides you through the steps of the installation-authoring process. InstallShield offers a migration guarantee for all previous InstallShield Developer and InstallShield Professional users. $1,199.
Phone: 800-809-5659

Dundas Chart for .NET 3.5
Dundas Chart for .NET helps you add charts to .NET applications. The new Chart and Data Wizard helps you interactively create a visual design and bind the finished chart to the proper data. It includes support for all common and many advanced chart types, 2-D and 3-D chart types, real-time charting, scrolling, zooming, full Visual Studio integrated help, and more than 150 samples. Graphics take advantage of GDI+ and the use of transparency, anti-aliasing, and gradients. The Enterprise Edition offers advanced data analysis, data manipulation and filtering features, and built-in statistical and financial formula support. Starts at $699.
Dundas Software
Phone: 800-463-1492; 416-467-5100

Measurement Studio 7.0
Measurement Studio 7.0 is a suite of native classes and controls for developing measurement and automation applications in VS.NET 2003. It features the Instrument I/O Assistant, which simplifies and speeds instrument control in VS.NET through interactive I/O connectivity to GPIB, USB, Serial, VXI, and other traditional instruments. You can use this assistant to prototype instrument control systems. It also features DAQ Assistant, which provides interactive access to the new NI-DAQ 7 API, the redesigned NI data acquisition interface that features multithreaded capabilities, DMA data transfers, and improved synchronization. You can use this feature to add custom timing, scaling, and triggering to your data-acquisition tasks. Measurement Studio 7.0 includes UI controls for the .NET Framework, including graphs, knobs, and buttons. The new Measurement Studio DataSocket .NET library supports CLR data types, WinForms data binding, and serialization for the .NET Framework. Starts at $495.
National Instruments
Phone: 800-258-7022

Project Analyzer 7
Project Analyzer is a Visual Basic code review and documentation tool. Its new features include semi-dead code detection, duplicate code search, DLL analysis, class design rules, advanced metrics, and updated support for ASP.NET and VB.NET 2003. Semi-dead code is code that's in use but not required at run time, such as uninstantiated classes and unimplemented interfaces. Removal of these unnecessary elements decreases application size and facilitates code maintenance. The new class design rules enforce coding practices on object instantiation, destruction, inheritance, scopes, and naming. Project Analyzer also lets you fully document a solution with source, comments, and graphs, and it supports Visual Basic solutions with up to millions of lines of code. $199.
Aivosto Oy

SupportChat.Net 1.5
SupportChat.Net is a customer relationship management tool for Web sites that gives visitors instant access to a real person for support or to answer sales questions. The latest version adds many new features, including departments, which let you categorize responses and operators; load balancing, which shows waiting visitors only to the operators who are currently engaged in the least amount of chat conversations; the ability for operators to transfer chat requests to other operators in the same department; extensive reporting to let administrators create reports on the fly; and popup operator notification, which lets an operator minimize his control screen. The new version also includes an improved operator panel, which lets operators perform a WHO-IS lookup on any visitors by clicking on their IP address; the ability for operators and administrators to review transcripts of chats; and the ability for administrators to monitor live chat conversations. $299; free upgrade.
Software Factory
Phone: 512-343-2572

XHEO|Licensing 2.0
XHEO|Licensing 2.0 protects .NET components, classes, and controls because it provides a licensing framework for applications, components, and ASP.NET licensing scenarios. Version 2.0 adds RSA encrypted serial numbers; users enter a serial number to unlock an application or component. This version also features multilanguage support; the licensing runtime includes versions in Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Starts at $259.99.

xmlspy 2004
xmlspy creates an XML development environment for .NET developers to build .NET apps and Web services. xmlspy 2004 features XML Differencing, which lets you visually compare files and directories in a configurable, XML-aware manner. This lets you handle variables such as namespace prefixes, whitespace, ordering of elements and attributes, and more. This version also re-implemented Database Utilities, which offers native support for Oracle databases, autogeneration of SQL Server and Oracle 9i XML Schema extensions, and the generation of XML Schemas according to the SQL/XML standard. $399.
Phone: 978-816-1600


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