SP3 Posted for SQL Server 2000

Microsoft updated its enterprise database, SQL Server 2000, this week with a service pack that includes bug fixes and some new and enhanced functionality.

Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2000 is available at

Recently, Microsoft has been less strict than it was in the past about introducing new functionality in service packs for server software.

SQL Server 2000, meanwhile, is at something of an odd stage. SQL Server 2000 has already been on the market longer than SQL Server 7.0 was before it was replaced. With the next version of SQL Server, code-named "Yukon," being a major release, Microsoft has indicated it could be 2004 before there is a replacement for SQL Server 2000 on the market.

Microsoft groups the new functionality in SP3 in three areas: serviceability, performance and security. Serviceability enhancements include making SQL Server one of the products that can be configured to have critical errors automatically sent to Microsoft. Microsoft has also improved multi-server administration and added a new monitoring API to allow DBAs or third-party tools to diagnose problems.

In the performance area, Microsoft has added support for QLogic's Virtual Interface (VI)-enabled SANblade QLA2350 Fiber Channel controller. VI technology reduces CPU consumption per message on the server and on clients, improving performance.

For security, Microsoft has added the ability to run SQL Server Agent as a non-administrator and updated online documentation with more guidance for securing SQL Server.

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