NetManage Updates Host Access Products

Just because a market niche is mature doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. NetManage improved features in its Rumba product line to give end-users a better legacy system experience.

This week, NetManage introduced Rumba Web-to-Host 4.2 and OnWeb Management Services 5.2, new versions of its software tools for giving end users access to applications residing on legacy systems. Rumba Web-to-Host creates Web pages that give a green-screen view of an application, and OnWeb Management Services gives administrators control over Rumba Web-to-Host and NetManage’s host integration product OnWeb.

Rumba Web-to-Host offers an alternative to terminal emulation software that resides on a client machine. In some cases, such as enterprises with remote workers or companies that use thin clients, a full terminal emulation product is inappropriate, so offering green screens as a Web page is the most viable alternative. Stockbrokers and other trained information workers often need all of the information included in a green-screen application, so integrating legacy data into a pretty Web application is not a good solution for these companies.

The new version includes an improved Java client, better AS/400 support, and new scripting tools for the ActiveX client. Version 4.2 also includes a floating macro toolbar to make using the application easier. NetManage says many companies have great investments in creating client-side macros for more efficient work, and the toolbar allows users to import their macros for little disruption in application experience.

OnWeb Management Services 5.2 gives administrators centralized management of Rumba Web-to-Host and OnWeb. The software can create and store user profiles to ensure the right users are accessing the right applications and can serve macros to help the appropriate users to their jobs. It can spread profiles across a number of different platforms, including the IBM mainframe, AS/400, and other legacy systems like HP3000, OpenVMS, and VAX.


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