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Amazingly Easy and Powerful Screen Captures

Print Screen Works is a “must have” utility.

How many times have you had to perform a screen capture? And, how many times have you thought you successfully performed a copy of the screen, only to paste some empty information? If screen captures typically leave you frustrated, then allow me to introduce you to Print Screen Works.

After a simple installation, Print Screen Works will add an icon to your task tray, as well as a shortcut on the desktop. You can quickly see all of the printing options by right-clicking on the icon in the task tray. You now have the capability of capturing the entire screen, an active window, or even an area that you select. You can set up hot keys to manage any of these types of capture. There’s also a “Restore” button to activate the menu driven options for Print Screen Works. When you press the Print Screen (or similar) key on your keyboard, the program will capture the full screen. .

Once you have captured an image, you can perform a number of functions with it. It can be saved in either a Windows Bitmap (.bmp) or (.jpg) format. You can also encrypt the image, or send an email with the image as an attachment. Another powerful feature lets you crop the captured image. You can optionally includeor exclude the cursor, or insert a fresh cursor. Wait, there’s more! You can copy or paste images to and from the Clipboard. Some other features include the ability to have automatic printing, automatic saves, and automatic captures that get copied directly into the Windows Clipboard. Suddenly, screen captures are easy, consistent, and dare I even say, almost fun? .

I tested Print Screen Works on Windows 2000, as well as Windows 98 and a preview edition of Windows XP. I also tested it on both a PC and a laptop platform. All of the OS and hardware platforms yielded, as expected, identical and reliable results. Some other utilities I’ve tried in the past produced inconsistencies between look and feel or functionality, but not Print Screen Works. With a single click, you can get a screen capture anytime you want, with predictable results. .

Print Screen Works also has thorough help features. In addition to a manual and help file, the help topics for some frequent operations, such as “Capturing Images,” are quickly available from a drop-down menu. .

PrintScreen Works
There are plenty of Screen Capture Options to choose from in Print Screen Works.

Print Screen Works will empower you with every imaginable option you have ever wished for in a print screen utility. It’s packed with features and works reliably on various Windows platforms. This utility will easily extend the limits of native Windows screen captures. For anyone who has to perform any type of screen captures, Print Screen Works is a must have utility.

About the Author

Michael Feuda, MCSE, NNCDS, is an independent writer. He has worked with Microsoft products since the days of LAN Manager.


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