NetBotz Adds to Capabilities of Rack Monitoring Appliance

Wondering what the problem is with the Web farm? New additions to a 1U environmental sensing appliance from NetBotz may help alert IT administrators to some physical problems.

NetBotz currently sells the thin rackmount RackBotz, which includes an integrated camera and has sensors for temperature, humidity, airflow, audio and open rack doors.

This week, the company announced two add-ons for the rack appliance. One is an Amp Detector, which monitors current flow. The function works by installing a device between the circuit to be monitored and a cabinet’s dedicated power strip.

Another add-on is the External Temperature Sensor, a device with a 15-foot cable which plugs into the rack appliance and can be placed anywhere in the rack that the temperature needs to be monitored.

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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