Microsoft: Meet MOM

Microsoft just introduced the distributed office to its MOM.

Microsoft Corp. tackled its systems management challenges with the release of the newest version of Systems Management Server (SMS) as well as a new application, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM). Today Microsoft announced the products’ features and availability for initial beta testing within the next several months.

The new edition of SMS, code-named Topaz, includes enhanced support for mobile users as well as tight integration with Active Directory capabilities in Windows 2000. The product focuses on change and configuration management processes such as distributing, updating, repairing, and removing computer systems. MOM, based on technology licensed from partner NetIQ Corp., works side-by-side with SMS to monitor the performance and availability of networked systems ranging from Windows 2000 to the .NET Enterprise Server line of applications.

MOM is scheduled for beta testing in the first quarter of this year, and Topaz will be released for initial beta testing during the second half.

Microsoft’s management strategy also includes a series of standards-based management interfaces called .NET Management Services, which provide the underlying communications framework that allow management applications and the systems they monitor to interoperate. Additionally, a partner program known as the Microsoft Management Alliance provides technical information and marketing resources especially for developers building software on the Windows platform.

Featured updates in Topaz include enhanced support for remote users. A feature called Checkpoint Restart will allow a mobile user to resume a download from its stopping point in case the user is unexpectedly cut off from his connection. Topaz also uses many of the core capabilities of Active Directory. Improved metering capabilities in Topaz help administrators to keep track of statistics such as which applications are running on a desktop at any given time, and how many copies are running system-wide. Topaz will also feature Web-based reporting tools.

MOM is designed to ensure that servers and applications throughout the system are running properly and identify current or potential problems. When it encounters a problem, MOM sends alert messages from all the various systems to one screen in the Microsoft Management Console, which is viewable from a Web browser. MOM can also be programmed to send a message to a pager or e-mail system in order to ensure a faster response to problems. – Isaac Slepner

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