Microsoft Resubmits New TPC-C Benchmarks

Microsoft gets better results on TCP-C, but not enough to unseat IBM, which remains at top spot.

In a report filed by ENT Magazine Editor Scott Bekker, Microsoft today resubmitted a new set of server performance benchmark numbers, which were the result of fallout following the unveiling of the original benchmark numbers at the Windows 2000 launch. The Transaction Processing Council, an industry group that oversees the performance benchmark testing, says the original numbers for its online transaction processing performance benchmark, the TPC-C, were flawed and thus were disqualified late last month.

Microsoft announced that it had rerun the tests and once again had audited performance benchmarks posted on the TPC site at The announcement came at a meeting of financial analysts where Microsoft discussed SQL Server.

The company achieved the record in February with Windows 2000 Advanced Server and pre-release code of SQL Server 2000 on a cluster of Compaq ProLiant 8-processor servers. For the resubmission, Microsoft and Compaq chose to rerun the original systems with their 550 MHz Pentium III Xeon processors for a slight gain in performance over the original results. The companies then ran the benchmark on the systems using the 700 MHz Xeons Intel Corp. released recently. The four rerun benchmarks now hold positions two through five on the TPC raw performance list.

The resubmitted numbers from Microsoft and Compaq improve upon the February results, but remain far behind what IBM achieved earlier this month. To see the results, and to view a more detailed report of the TPC tests, see Scott Bekker's article at


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