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  • How to Build a Micro-Segmentation Strategy

    Everyone today is talking about micro-segmentation, but there is relatively little discussion about what micro-segmentation is and how to use it to improve the security inside your data center and cloud. In fact, micro-segmentation is only one type of segmentation (we’ll discuss this more in this guide). Learn more.

  • How To Secure Your Crown Jewel Applications

    Protecting an organization’s most valuable assets or crown jewels is essential to protecting the organization from adverse monetary, reputational, and business continuity impact. Learn more.

  • The Definitive Guide to Micro Segmentation

    Conventional network segmentation focuses on network performance and management. Micro-segmentation, in contrast, addresses critical issues related to security and business agility, protecting applications at a more granular level. It is a new and powerful approach to reducing risk and adapting security to dynamic IT environments. Read more.

  • 5 Must-Have Tools for the Office 365 Enterprise

    Microsoft’s move to the cloud has left enterprises searching for Tools to streamline Office 365 or Hybrid Administration. This interactive Whitepaper will describe and demonstrate 5 Must have Tools for any Office 365 Enterprise customer. Read more.

  • 2019 Buyer’s Guide: B2B Contact Data Provider

    2019 Buyer’s Guide - 3 ‘Gotchas’ to Avoid When Evaluating B2B Data Providers for Sale. Learn more.

  • Checklist: How to Evaluate a B2B Contact Data Provider

    What started as a vendor landscape that primarily offered contact information of B2B professionals has evolved to provide sales teams with end-to-end prospecting solutions. Today, leading B2B data providers help companies maximize their sales department’s productivity and effectiveness through tools and information that help identify, connect, and engage qualified prospects.

  • Why your cold calling strategies fail

    Cold calling isn’t dead. You’re just not doing it right.

  • 3 Sizzling Ways to Warm Up Your Cold Calls

    Did you know that the average sales rep still makes 52 calls a day? Regardless of what you think, and contrary to popular rhetoric, cold calling is still a thing.

  • 10 Ways You Can Improve Your Automated Data Classification

    This eBook details top 10 key strategies that you can use to increase the precision of automated data discovery and classification. Knowing exactly what data needs protection the most will help you maximize security and compliance while minimizing costs.

  • One Minute White Paper - Benefits of Migrating from ADFS to Okta

    Organizations of all sizes are on a journey to the cloud, migrating their legacy software and adopting new cloud-based apps. Find out how you can keep Active Directory while making federated identity easier to install, simpler to manage, less costly, and faster to deploy.

  • Removing the Identity Barrier for Office 365 Migrations

    Migrating to Office 365 can present many challenges and delays. One of the greatest is the problem of identity. Read this whitepaper to learn how Okta’s cloud identity service can be used to accelerate and simplify your Office 365 deployment while increasing overall security.

  • Cloud Aggressive Toolkit eBook

    Change is real. You see it every day as you scale: in the way you do business, the tools your users need, and the demands on IT. As a modern organization, you’re committed to moving to the cloud. To help you achieve your cloud-first strategy more quickly and ensure your migration is successful, download the Cloud Aggressive Toolkit eBook for a host of resources.

  • Cloud Native Toolkit eBook

    Now that your business is growing, the need for more robust IT services is a continued concern. To help you align your cloud infrastructure with the way your IT team and users need, download the Cloud Native Toolkit eBook.

  • Protect the Privacy of Electronic Health Records with Netwrix Auditor

    This eBook details top 10 key strategies that you can use to increase the precision of automated data discovery and classification. Knowing exactly what data needs protection the most will help you maximize security and compliance while minimizing costs.

  • Critical Event Response: The Expanding Focus of IT Recovery Planning

    Read this white paper on critical event response strategies to find a security solution that covers this checklist by providing automation, manual controls, frequent backups, encryption & security and retention. Learn more.

  • Modern Archiving Compliance and the Cloud - The Essential Guide to Migrating Legacy Archiving Systems

    Read this guide to compliant data archiving to learn how a strategy and tools can dramatically reduce risk, improve business efficiency, legal readiness and compliance posture all at lower costs.

  • Strategies for Archiving in Hybrid Environments

    Read Osterman Research to learn how a unified archiving solution permits the search and production of information from both on-premises and cloud-based archiving to offer a number of important advantages. Read more!

  • Moving the Goalposts eBook

    Learn about the new compliance challenges that come with Office and what you can do about them. Read more!

  • Solution Brief: Bringing Enterprise Grade Capabilities to the Public Cloud for Secondary Data

    Public cloud expansion will continue to see double digit growth over the next five years according to IDC. Making the public cloud interoperable with on-premises solutions needs to be part of your hybrid cloud strategy for secondary data workloads.

  • Protecting the Extended Perimeter With GlobalProtect Cloud Service

    Your Perimeter Is Everywhere. The world you need to secure is undergoing tremendous transformation. Find out more.