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  • Real World IAM for Unix based Systems

    Unix was here before Windows and, due to its stability, cost-effectiveness and openness, will be around for a while. However, twenty-first century realities demand access and security that goes beyond what worked 20 years ago.

  • 12 Critical Questions to Ask When Choosing an AD Bridge Solution

    AD bridge solutions address the problem of heterogeneous IT environments by enabling Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X systems to participate in Active Directory. Learn the 12 questions to ask before you buy

  • The Importance of Managing Privileged Accounts

    Proper management of privileged accounts is about more than peace of mind; it’s also a compliance obligation. A hands-off approach risks security and can invite sanctions. Learn how your organization can effectively manage administrative privileges.

  • Best Practices for Migrating Email to Office 365

    Discover key migration best practices that ensure complete, seamless transition to Microsoft Office 365 with minimal impact to your business. Read this paper to learn the importance of pre-migration planning and proper evaluation of migration solutions as well as why engaging a migration partner is a smart investment.

  • The Move to Exchange 2013: Migraine or Migration?

    Get the experts’ take on the newest features found in Exchange 2013, as well as how you can be prepared to overcome common migration challenges. Read now!

  • Ensure a Valuable Notes-to-Exchange 2013/Office 365 Migration

    Properly preparing for a migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server 2013 or Office 365 can reduce costs and even boost user-adoption rates. Learn how Dell end-to-end solutions can help. Read now.

  • Migrating to Exchange 2013 from Legacy Exchange

    Make sure you’re prepared for your Exchange migration by understanding the challenges inherent in moving from a legacy version, and how to get the most out of your new investment.

  • Windows Server 2012 – Are You Ready?

    With Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015, now is the time to learn key considerations for moving to Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Top 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Transition to Windows Server 2012

    From planning to implementation, through post-migration management, our experts lay out the information you need to make your migration to Windows Server 2012 R2 as painless as possible. Learn more.

  • Top 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Migration to Exchange 2013

    Our experts have laid out the top ten steps to ensure a successful Exchange migration. Whether you’re upgrading a legacy environment or undertaking a consolidation project, we’ve got you covered.