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  • Everything You Need to Know About Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

    Read this eBook on Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations featuring Microsoft MVPs sharing their experience and guidance with tips for migration preparation, communications planning, directory synchronization and much more. Learn more.

  • Complete Guide to Eradicating PST Files

    With email storage no longer an issue, the need for Personal Storage Tables (PSTs) no longer exists. Read this Complete Guide to Eradicating PST Files to find out how you can be PST free. Learn more.

  • How to Improve the Security of Office 365

    Read "How to Improve the Security of Office 365" to find out how you can protect your organization with steps to make sure you have strict policies and procedures in place. Learn more.

  • Autopilot Review

    Read this review of Quadrotech Autopilot, a SaaS application running on the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric that provides hierarchical on-premises Active Directory Organization Units, Group Policy Objects to an Office 365 tenant, and more. Learn more.

  • The Microsoft Office 365 Reporting

    Read this paper on how Radar Reporting can arm you with a customized dashboard that provides customization for your environment, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, maximizes Office 365 ROI and more. Learn more.

  • 6 Discoveries IT Security Pros Need to Know About SSL Inspection

    Read this summary of the survey that identifies key outlooks that may help your organization make security and business decisions, including these findings that SSL-based evasion is more common than you think.

  • 5 Steps to Enhance Your Enterprise Security Steps with High Performances SSL/TLS Decryption

    Read this eBook to find out about five steps you can take to enhance your enterprise security, including how to defend against cyber attacks with full visibility into encrypted traffic.

  • Advanced Load Balancing in the Cloud - 5 Ways to Simplify the Chaos

    Read this eBook to find out about five areas to consider when looking at how to unravel your cloud complexity, including visibility and analytics, integrated security, and intelligent automation.

  • The Benefits of Migrating from ADFS

    Read this whitepaper and learn about the efficiency and TCO benefits of migrating from ADFS.

  • Removing the Identity Barrier for Office 365 Migrations

    Read this whitepaper to learn how Okta’s cloud identity service can be used to accelerate and simplify your Office 365 deployment and increase overall security.

  • Office 365 Adoption eGuide: Identity and Mobility Challenges

    Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular application used by Okta’s customers. This eGuide starts with data from the Okta Integration Network on the trends we are seeing around Office 365 and some interesting insights.

  • 6 Reasons Microsoft Customers Choose Okta for Identity Management

    If your organization uses Microsoft and is undergoing IT modernization, you know how frustrating it can be when legacy systems and modern cloud technologies and applications don’t get along.

  • Zadara Cloud Migration

    Read this white paper to learn how cloud migration technology enables non-disruptive upgrades to the cloud with migration of corporate data into the cloud through a practical and cost-effective method. Learn more.

  • Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service vs. Traditional SAN and NAS

    Read this white paper to find out how companies can meet their storage needs through ‘as a service’ offerings creating a shift from purchasing and leasing to a consumption-based model. Learn more.

  • Open DQ Managed Data Services

    Power your next generation data applications with clean data and the single version of the truth across the enterprise. Learn more.

  • The survivor’s guide to building an Office 365 network

    Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 can be complicated. Even with careful planning, deploying Microsoft Office 365 and delivering a fast user and application experience can be a challenge. While most organizations assume their traditional networks are ready for the migration, many don’t realize that Microsoft recommends a different strategy. Learn more.

  • Four secrets to a successful Office 365 deployment

    Ready for Office 365? Already deployed but running into problems? Either way, there are some secrets to deployment that can put you on the road to success. Learn more.

  • Get an Office 365 experience your users will love

    To measure the success of your Office 365 deployment, there’s really only one metric that matters: user satisfaction. But if your network isn’t up to the task, your Office 365 installation and its many applications can be quickly bogged down by performance problems. Learn more.

  • The Importance of AutoML for Augmented Analytics

    This white paper provides a deep dive into how AutoML came to be, the difference between it and Augmented Analytics, and how they both have brought about the rise of the citizen data scientist.

  • Multi-Cloud Strategies Are on the Rise

    Read this new ESG Multi Cloud brief to learn more about trends in multi cloud, the influence of public cloud, and the average number of service providers organizations currently use.