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  • Building Your Cloud Migration Toolkit

    For a successful cloud migration, ensure your team has best-in-class tools available and a cloud management platform to keep business and technology teams in the know.

  • How to Ensure Cloud Migration Success for Technical Practitioners

    Get the Best Practices to Help your Team Migrate to the Cloud As a seasoned engineer or developer, you know that migrating infrastructure and services to the cloud isn’t just lift-and-shift. It’s also not all on you.

  • Eliminate Cloud Sprawl

    With increased adoption, cloud footprints are getting larger and more unwieldy to manage. Organizations know they must analyze and consolidate their cloud bills to stop cloud waste eating into OpEx budgets. Extensive cloud adoption driven by a “cloud-first” mandate isn’t inherently sprawl, but do you know the business initiatives that spend is supporting? What alternatives did you consider? Read more in this white paper.

  • Mapping cloud costs to a standard IT cost model

    Struggling to compare cloud costs across providers? This poster will help you see the mapping of AWS, Azure, and GCP services to a standard IT taxonomy.

  • Essential KPIs for the IT strategic planning process

    Do you have a strategic plan for getting the most out of your IT investments? For many, it’s challenging enough to get a reliable view into the full investment plan, let alone feel confident that it’s driving business value. In this brief, we’ll share peer-tested best practices for building and managing a strategic plan that elevates IT from a cost-center into an innovation-driver.

  • Apptio TBM Unified Model (ATUM): The standard cost model for IT

    Ready to communicate IT cost and value in terms your business unit partners understand? Find out about Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) and how it standardizes the financial information necessary for IT leaders to manage their technology business.

  • IT showback & chargeback: Optimize IT costs by shaping demand

    For years, showback and chargeback have been the most in-demand outcomes for IT leaders globally. This eBook outlines how organizations can leverage showback and chargeback to impact IT costs—to improve awareness and accountability, and to shape demand and consumption.

  • The definitive framework for application rationalization

    Getting AppRat right is no easy task. In this e-book, find out how to replace guesswork with facts and stop counting licenses and start defining business value.

  • The CIO's guide to IT cost optimization

    Optimization. Rationalization. Cost-Recovery. All buzzwords for a simple concept: how do technology leaders ensure that every dollar spent is directed towards business value? In this eBook, we walk you through the four ways to optimize your IT costs and offer up prescriptive questions to make your analysis crisp and your conclusions actionable.

  • How to prepare for your cloud migration

    Cloud migration is consistently one of the top priorities of technology leaders across the world today, but many are overwhelmed by trying to plan their cloud migration, struggling to prioritize workloads and unsure of the cost implications.

  • A practical guide to zero-based budgeting

    Your business partners need IT to deliver innovation and agility, but traditional budgeting processes struggle to do either. Interested in adopting a zero-based budgeting approach to your organization?

  • Disruption in the C-Suite: How the push towards digital transformation is changing the CxO dynamic

    We know that digital transformation is changing the economics of IT, but is this influencing CXO dynamics and strategic decision-making? To determine this, the Financial Times (FT) Focus partnered with Apptio to survey more than 550 C-suite leaders in technology and finance globally.

  • IDC Research Paper: The Business Value of Using Veeam and NetApp to Reduce Data-Related Risks

    Data is increasingly at the core of any business or organization and is fueling new Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives. And as data becomes more distributed, dynamic and diverse, data Availability has never been more essential in an effective and holistic data management strategy.

  • Veeam and Cisco UCS Are Better Together: Examining the Shared Traits of Veeam Availability Solutions and Cisco UCS Storage Servers

    The complexity of IT environments today has made datacenter modernization an urgent priority. In the event of data loss or corruption, this can cost companies a large sum of money. Proactively addressing risks through better protection costs far less money.

  • How to Ensure Cloud Migration Success for Technology Leaders

    Migrating infrastructure and services to the cloud isn’t just lift-and-shift. It’s on Technology Leaders to craft the right strategy, vision and governance to see a successful, cost-effective cloud migration succeed. Get our Fortune 1000-proven pointers that help CTOs and CIOs track the right KPIs to conduct a successful migration from start to finish.

  • Early Cloud Migration for Enterprise IT

    This guide outlines the critical steps to adopt a cloud management framework and strategy for your cloud adoption journey.

  • Office 365: The Critical Gaps

    While the rapid adoption of SaaS-based applications has been fueled by the unique advantages of the cloud, the core capabilities of Office 365, while powerful, are not necessarily built to be a comprehensive solution for companies’ data availability and governance needs.

  • Osterman Research Filling the Gaps in Office 365

    Office 365 is a robust and capable cloud service, but it includes significant shortfalls in data protection and management

  • Top 10 Cloud Migration Mistakes to Avoid

    This white paper explores the top 10 foreseeable pitfalls, setbacks and mistakes organization make during a cloud migration and how to avoid them. Read the paper and get a leg up on those enterprises who are navigating their cloud journeys without the benefit of learning from the mistakes of others.

  • Growth Opportunities for Video Conferencing in Huddle Rooms, Global - Looking Beyond the Hype

    Download the Frost & Sullivan analyst report to learn more about the growing need for productive huddle rooms and how to optimize them for your business.