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  • How finova saved 70% on Azure cloud spend by optimizing their infrastructure

    Learn how finova, one of the UK’s top B2B fintech companies, was able to save 70% on Azure cloud spend by optimizing their infrastructure with Spot by NetApp solutions.

  • Long-Term Access to Actionable Data as a Competitive Advantage

    In a Microsoft 365 and AI world, access to long-term actionable data is now a competitive advantage. Download a copy of this IDC Info Snapshot sponsored by Preservica to gain an insight into the latest challenges and strategies for governing long-term data.

  • CloudOps for Azure

    Continuously optimize and automate your infrastructure to deliver cloud applications at scale.

  • Azure CloudOps: How to drive operational efficiency & application performance

    In this guide, we’ll explore some of the primary business and IT challenges Azure cloud operations teams encounter, dive into the CloudOps framework for operating your business in the cloud and detail the Spot by NetApp approach to Azure cloud operations.

  • Network Performance Monitoring Trends Report 2024

    For just about as long as there have been computer networks, there has been a need to monitor those networks and their performance. It’s a must-have practice for IT and networking professionals. Without network performance monitoring, teams can’t effectively optimize their networking environments for speed, availability, security, and other critical environments. That fundamental truth never seems to change.

  • The role of enterprise observability in cloud modernization

    Download this solution brief to learn how to elevate your cloud modernization journey with Dynatrace’s unified observability and security platform, seamlessly integrated into your Azure environment. Unlock the true potential of your digital transformation journey with increased performance, enhanced reliability, and real-time insights of your Azure workloads.

  • Voice and Integrated Contact Center Enhancements

    Vonage integrates advanced telephony or voice calling and contact center capabilities into your existing Microsoft Teams investment - all without workflow disruptions.

  • Enhance Customer Engagement and Employee Collaboration with Vonage for Microsoft Teams

    Take your Microsoft Teams experience to the next level with advanced calling and contact center capabilities. The "Enhance Experiences with Vonage for Microsoft Teams" ebook highlights how this integration can optimize your existing investment.

  • Microsoft 365 Governance Tool

    CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform for IT teams who are transforming the way they run their Microsoft 365 stack. Take a virtual tour today!

  • EMA Research Report - Real-world incident response, management, and prevention

    EMA Research surveyed 400+ global IT leaders on how they view incident response, management, and prevention tools. Unsurprisingly, nearly half of survey respondents want to be more proactive to incoming responses because outages are increasing every year.

  • Turbocharge your AIOps maturity

    Confronted with the rising complexity of IT, conventional ITOps must catch up – or risk falling behind. Surge ahead with 'Turbocharge Your AIOps Maturity' your guide to AIOps mastery for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Leverage BigPanda's wealth of experience to assess your AIOps maturity level, discover your action plan and KPIs, and then accelerate towards enhanced AIOps. Download this guide to propel your AIOps incident management from reactive to proactive.

  • M365 App Permission Scanner

    Protect yourself with our free Microsoft 365 App Permissions Scanner. With this tool, you can generate a complete inventory of apps with access to your M365 tenant, plus two specialized reports highlighting privileges that Midnight Blizzard exploited in their Microsoft 365 attacks. Get started now.

  • MSSP vs MDR Guide

    Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) support many different parts of a security program, but detecting and responding to advanced threats is not where they specialize. If you are considering outsourcing detection and response, make sure you understand the key differences between MSSPs and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

  • EDR Buyer’s Guide

    This guide highlights 14 questions you need to answer before investing in an EDR product.

  • 3 Ways to Calculate the ROI of MDR

    Invest in security that works for your business. You need a clear way to measure the business value of MDR. This guide can help you get there. Our experts analyzed several third-party studies, surveys, and reports to provide you with three ways to calculate the ROI of MDR.

  • MDR Buyer’s Guide

    When evaluating MDR vendors, organizations should consider several elements, from the provider’s investigation and response capabilities to their depth of detection and beyond. In this guide, we’ll go through the top questions you should be asking before making your final selection.

  • How to Evaluate MDR and SIEM

    With the ever-increasing complexity of the cybersecurity landscape, it's more important than ever to have a strong security posture in place. One of the key components of this is choosing the right security solutions for your organization, SIEM, MDR, or both. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) are two popular options for enhancing security programs. But how do you know which one is right for your organization? Should you choose SIEM, MDR, or both?

  • Unveiling the Security Challenges of Microsoft 365

    As organizations increasingly embrace digital transformation, cloud-based productivity suites like Microsoft 365 have become integral to daily operations. While these platforms offer immense benefits in terms of collaboration, efficiency, and accessibility, they also pose a unique set of security challenges that demand comprehensive consideration. This white paper delves into the nuanced landscape of Microsoft 365 security, identifying key challenges and proposing proactive strategies to fortify your digital ecosystem.

  • Data Driven, AI-Powered

    Download this solution brief to learn how SoftwareOne Data and AI Services simplify the complexities of AI and help your team grasp the value and risks while pragmatically defining the capabilities required for your organization to establish a robust data foundation, adopt data-driven practices, and scale analytics and AI. Collaboratively, we'll incorporate intelligent capabilities that can revolutionize your operations and competitiveness in the age of AI.

  • The state of hybrid Active Directory cyber resilience

    A report based on a recent survey of 430 Quest customers and Active Directory (AD) users to discover where organizations struggle with AD security today.