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  • Minimize Active Directory Dependency as You Move to the Cloud

    Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) has been a cornerstone for authentication in enterprise-grade systems for years—responsible for features such as SSO and storing sensitive login data. As organizations shift from legacy on-prem infrastructure to SaaS apps, they find AD hinders the speed, efficiency and results of their modernization initiatives.

  • The Eight Principles of Modern Infrastructure Access

    Infrastructure resources are some of the most sensitive and valuable assets across your network. Whether in the cloud or on-prem, controlling access to servers and databases is a top priority for IT and Security departments. While traditional methods are laser-focused on “protecting the keys”, admin credential breaches continue to slam organizations. Something has to change. It’s time for organizations of all sizes to have a better identity-led architecture—one that lets you design a highly secure, automated environment that can scale.

  • Closing the Security Gaps in Cloud Infrastructure Management

    A recent IDG survey unveiled a clear message on IT and security leaders’ challenges and strategies for managing server access: Cloud is changing where and how IT infrastructure is accessed and the traditional security methods aren’t keeping pace.

  • Cloud Identity Essentials - How Companies Benefit from Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    As enterprises rapidly transition to a hybrid IT environment, controlling access to applications in your enterprise is increasingly important—and complex. To confront the challenges of modern IT, it’s important to offer users a centralized identity for websites, systems, and cloud applications.

  • State of Ransomware and Its Drastic Impact on Business

    Read this paper to learn about new security survey results and what you can do to be prepared for the worst, including proactively backing up your data and updating software.

  • Detect Advanced Threats with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    As malicious actors target endpoints with new types of attacks designed to evade traditional antivirus tools, security teams are looking to endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions for an additional layer of security. In this solution brief, you will learn how AlienVault’s approach to delivering advanced EDR capabilities enables you to automate threat hunting and detect evasive threats that traditional antivirus can’t. Learn more.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Mid-Market Analysis

    This Executive Brief is based on the 2017 Frost & Sullivan report, “Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)—Global Market Analysis, Forecast to 2021” which provides an analysis of the SIEM market, examines the innovations driving that market and compares the positions of leading competitors. Learn more.

  • Beginners Guide to SIEM

    Need a crash course on SIEM? No problem. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms provide real-time correlation of events generated from network security controls. Our security gurus will explain what SIEM is (and isn’t) and how to get up and running with it quickly and painlessly. Learn more.

  • IDC Technology Spotlight: IDC Managed Inbox Detection and Response

    Download this new IDC Managed Inbox Detection and Response Technology Spotlight today and you’ll learn the latest approach to fighting targeted phishing attacks and other inbox threats with a next-generation email security platform that includes pre-delivery protection, post-delivery detection and incident response. Learn more.

  • Nine Best Practices to Reduce Active Directory Security Breaches and Insider Threats

    What can you do to defend your organization against the real and growing insider threat? This ebook can help.

  • Office 365 and Email Migration: Eight Lessons Learned

    If you’re considering an Office 365 or email migration and want to tap into some great advice from your peers who have already been there, read this collection of eight lessons learned.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances

    Microsoft Azure Reserved Virtual Machine (VM) Instances are an effective way to reduce your Azure spend. Reservations enable you to make an all upfront payment towards your compute costs, thereby providing prioritized capacity. Learn more.

  • 10 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Azure

    Choosing Azure revolutionizes your environment's agility, simplicity, and innovation, but have you achieved the cost savings you expected? Discover 10 ways you can reduce your spend in Azure. Learn more.

  • How to Accelerate Your AWS Cloud Journey to Reach Cloud Maturity

    Organizations moving to AWS seek improved performance, increased innovation, and a faster time to market—but the road to cloud maturity, and ultimately cloud success, proves both challenging and expensive. Learn to accelerate your AWS cloud journey.

  • 10 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in AWS

    While cost is often cited as the reason why people move to the cloud, it's not always that simple. Many organizations have noticed cloud bills 2-3x higher than expectations, when not managed properly. Have you achieved the savings you expected? Learn 10 ways you can reduce your spend in AWS.

  • 3 Recommendations for Cloud Security

    Ensuring the security of your public cloud environment is challenging, but securing the entirety of your multicloud environment can be even more difficult. It’s critical that you keep up with changes that might impact your security posture. This eBook outlines the three core recommendations for cloud security based on the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks.

  • How to Gain Control of Your Microsoft Azure Environment

    Organizations investing in Azure cloud services seek increased agility and a faster time to market—unfortunately, many users are finding it difficult (and expensive) to reach the cloud and business success they originally hoped for.

  • Cisco and Veeam empowers businesses by providing cloud mobility, High Availability and reliable performance

    In this paper, we look at six critical areas of common ground for both business and IT decision-makers, address modern digital business challenges, and how Cisco and Veeam® check all the boxes. Find out more.

  • Open Source Leads the Way to a Software-Defined Infrastructure

    Did you know Linux is the operating system of choice to underpin the entire open source SDI environment? In the ongoing search for greater agility, automation and efficiency, IT leaders are increasingly turning to software-defined infrastructure as the solution to their operational needs. Learn more.

  • IDC Research Paper: The Business Value of Using Veeam and NetApp to Reduce Data-Related Risks

    Read this new IDC research paper to learn how joint Veeam and NetApp solutions mitigate risk, enhance Availability, reduce IT complexity and lower costs. Learn more.