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  • Guide to Securing Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise

    The skyrocketing adoption of Microsoft Office 365 has made it a valuable target for cybercriminals. Learn more.

  • VM Optimization Find the Balance

    Your guide to right-sizing and waste-finding in the virtual environment.

  • 10 Tips for Selecting a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

    Most businesses have trouble keeping up with today’s constant barrage of cyber threats. Many are turning to MSSPs (managed security services providers) to protect their networks cost-effectively and reliably. But choosing an MSSP requires thought and research. Not all offer the same levels of protection, so you should focus your search on a provider with a solid track record and reputation. In this whitepaper, you'll read about 10 best practices to follow when selecting an MSSP.

  • How Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Helps Business Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

    More than 10,000 customers are using VMware vSAN to quickly adopt hyper-converged infrastructure to accelerate their IT modernization initiatives, reduce their total cost of ownership, and increase their businesses agility in preparation of future needs. Read some of their stories and see how hyper-converged infrastructure powered by vSAN can ease the burden of infrastructure management and create new possibilities for your business.

  • What’s Next for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: 4 Powerful HCI Use Cases for 2019

    The reality is that IT teams have been so pleased with the benefits they are already reaping with HCI that they are looking for new ways to use it to power key initiatives such as digital transformation. In this white paper, we look at five of the critical use cases currently driving HCI deployments and why they will continue to benefit from HCI in 2019 and beyond.

  • A Guide to Better TCO and Agility with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    ​Hyper-converged infrastructure is spearheading the success of the digital transformation by enabling faster response rates in organizations. This whitepaper gives an overview of the benefits of HCI and how it can help companies achieve their goals through lowering costs and creating agile IT environments.

  • Unitrends vs Veeam: How to Choose the Best Solution to Meet Your Backup and Recovery Requirements

    Veeam or Unitrends? For many IT admins, the choice of which backup and recovery solution is best for their company comes down to these two companies. The choice can be confusing as both seem to offer similar features. However, when you look closely, the details vary greatly and that knowledge can guide backup admins to making the best decision. This paper outlines each company’s offerings, describes features and architectural guidelines and ultimately identifies whether Veeam or Unitrends makes the most sense for a situation.

  • Supporting and Simplifying Secure Cloud Access and Provisioning with a Federated Identity and Directory Service

    Read this Game Changer to find out how to build a virtual identity hub that can inventory data sources, integrate identity to create a global list of users and more. Learn more.

  • 6 Discoveries IT Security Pros Need to Know about SSL Inspection

    Threat actors are evolving. They are leveraging SSL-based encryption to hide malicious activity from existing security controls. To shed light on this emerging threat, A10 Networks commissioned the Ponemon Institute to conduct an exclusive study that evaluates threats hiding in SSL traffic, barriers for implementing decryption controls and features for decryption solution selection. Learn more.

  • HPE SimpliVity

    Streamline your desktop environment with — Citrix Ready verifi ed — HPE SimpliVity Automation for Citrix Cloud from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Learn more.

  • Six Types of Remote Workers and How to Support Them

    Being able to support remote and mobile workers will help improve your company’s productivity and quality of work. But how do you efficiently enable a remote workforce while ensuring security and compliance? Learn more.

  • Exposing Hidden Threats: Why Your Organization Needs Dedicated SSL/TLS Inspection:

    In response to the rising cost of cybercrime over the past several years, as well as concerns about protecting data privacy, organizations have increasingly adopted SSL encryption to safeguard their valuable information assets. As of 2018, Google has stated 94% of all their network traffic in North America is encrypted. But this has created new risks. Hackers hide cyber attacks in SSL traffic to bypass defenses. Learn more.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructures Deliver on Virtualization’s Promise

    By combining Citrix’s workspace virtualization portfolio with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s HCI appliance, organizations can automate many tasks and greatly simplify infrastructure deployment and management. Learn more.

  • Protecting the Crown Jewels: Privileged Account Management

    Strike a balance between security and productivity when it comes to protecting your most valuable information. Learn how identity-based privilege management can be one of the most impactful security projects you take on next year. Learn more.

  • Next Generation Firewalls May Not Stop Malware Best Defense Against Malicious Encrypted Traffic

    Take a deeper look at the role of NGFWs in your defense against hidden threats. Should you rely on your next generation firewall (NGFW) to stop malicious encrypted traffic? Parth Jagirdar of A10 Enterprise Security takes a close look at this question in his article, Next Generation Firewalls May Not Stop Malware. Learn more.

  • The Ultimate Guide To SSL/TLS Decryption: Six Features To Consider When Evaluating SSL/TLS Inspection Solutions

    To stop cyberattacks, you need insight into encrypted data, and to do this, you need a dedicated security platform that can decrypt SSL/TLS traffic and send it to the security stack for inspection in cleartext. SSL/TLS inspection touches so many different security products that evaluating a solution can be challenging. The wrong solution can leave you with dropped connections, increased latency, and degraded throughput. Learn more.

  • HPE Announces Automation for HPE-SimpliVity and Citrix Cloud

    This week, HPE-SimpliVity announced the availability of a new hyper-converged appliance for Citrix workloads, as part of the Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance Program. Learn more.

  • A Guide to Protecting Microsoft Office 365 from Security Threats

    Read this guide to find out how you can improve in key areas, including maintaining compliance and protecting sensitive information within Office 365, and aligning existing IT security policies, process, and technologies with cloud computing.

  • Your Organization is Moving to Office 365. Now What?

    As you prepare for your Office 365 implementation, here is a helpful security checklist that will serve as a guide to assist you through the multiple dimensions of an Office 365 migration.

  • Start Your Implementation Planning for Office 365

    If you are adopting Office 365, read this Implementation Planning Guide to learn what you need to consider in your security planning, including administrative controls, data protection, and threat protection.