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  • Evolve For Exchange Data Sheet - Migrate Your Email Archives to The Cloud with Trust

    What are some of the concerns you should look out for when migrating to Microsoft Exchange, on-site Exchange Personal Archives and Office 365? Download this datasheet to learn more.

  • Archive Migration Data Sheet - Migrate Your Email Archives From Any Source To Any Destination With Trust

    Successfully migrating archived email data with complete data sanctity can be extremely challenging. How to migrate your email archives from any source to any destination with trust? Download this datasheet to learn more.

  • Osterman White Paper - Migrating to the Cloud

    Download this whitepaper to guide you through key issues when planning a cloud migration so you can achieve migration success every step of the way. Learn more.

  • What is Penetration Testing? 4 Critical Steps to Address Security Flaws

    Read this paper, to learn how penetration testing tools can help you find out where you are weak by following critical steps beginning with planning what, when and how testing will be done. Learn more.

  • CRM Megatrends to Watch in 2019: Predictions from the Top Leaders Driving Change

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and a renewed role for CRM are the big trends this year. Our January Megatrends installment always provides an interesting measure of the zeitgeist among thought leaders, solution providers, end users, and media coverage, but this year all indications point to 2019 bringing an explosion in the practical applications of smart, self-learning technologies. Learn more.

  • 5 Essential Features of a Prospecting Solution

    Is your sales team equipped with the tools needed to exceed their quota?

  • Securing Apps and Workloads in the Microsoft Cloud

    Read this Redmond Tech Talk to find out about technology that provides security in the cloud with one holistic viewpoint into workloads in Azure, private clouds or physical datacenter. Learn more.

  • Secure Your Endpoints: Don't Fall Victim to Cyberattacks

    Read this paper to find out what you can do to secure all endpoints connecting to your network, including limiting access rights without limiting productivity and unifying all endpoint security requirements. Learn more.

  • Tutorial: Using Simulation and Optimization

    Read this tutorial to learn how you can create a better model for resource allocation in real-world business situations. With a call center staffing example it shows how simulation and optimization works. Learn more.

  • Tutorial: Optimization for Better Decisions

    Read this tutorial illustrated with Excel models and simple plots to learn how powerful software can help model complex resource allocation, account for difficult-to predict variables, enhance and speed business decision making. Learn more.

  • Tutorial: Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation

    Read this tutorial to learn how Monte Carlo simulation can become a frequently-used tool in every business analyst’s toolkit. It can help access risks, avoid business failure and determine upside business opportunities. Learn more.

  • What's New in Active Directory

    While Active Directory (AD) has been around since Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft has continued to make adjustments and introduce features in newer Windows Server releases, especially in Windows Server 2012. What’s New in Active Directory 2016 covers different AD features and the requirements to enable them. Learn more.

  • What is SQL Server and how does it work - SQL Server 101

    Read SQL Server 101 and learn more about SQL Server’s architecture and management basics. This useful guide also covers working with the SQL Server optimizer and execution plans. Learn more.

  • The Case for Office365 Backup

    Microsoft takes care of quite a bit, and provides a great service for their customers. However, Microsoft's primary focus is on managing your Office 365 infrastructure and maintaining uptime to your users. They are empowering YOU with the responsibility of your data. Learn more.

  • Consistent protection of MySQL/MariaDB with Veeam

    This guide explains how to achieve application consistency in MySQL and MariaDB databases with Veeam Backup & Replication. Learn more.

  • Business Disaster Recovery Strategies: Succeeding Where the Odds Say You Will Fail

    This paper will help you prepare for outages in your infrastructure by sharing disaster recovery (DR) strategies. Often, DR outages are not a complete outage, so being prepared with granularity in your DR strategies gives you flexibility. Learn more.

  • Email and the Web: Go Great Together for Attackers

    Read this paper to find out how you can protect your IT infrastructure by keeping up with all the latest attack strategies, implementing comprehensive security controls, and using analytics tools to detect threats. Learn more.

  • 7 Best Practices for Better Management of AD Groups

    Read this white paper to learn how you can better manage AD groups by following best practices including periodically performing audits to determine accuracy and validity of memberships. Learn more.

  • Multi-cloud Strategies Are on the Rise

    With most organizations currently using public cloud infrastructure in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), building an effective Availability strategy is becoming more and more of a priority. ESG recently surveyed 318 mid-market and enterprise IT decision makers in North America to better understand the current trend in adopting a multi-cloud strategy. Learn more.

  • Backup and DRaaS IT Buyer's Guide

    When it comes to data protection and business continuity, what is your goal? That’s easy – a solution you know will work every time, protecting everything you have in your data center with absolutely zero downtime and zero data loss. Selecting the right solution is increasingly more than just about basic backup. Learn what to look for, and potential gaps in coverage, to put your organization in the best position to achieve the lofty goal of total protection. Read on.