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  • The Time For IT Resilience Is NOW

    Read this paper to learn about solutions that provide seamless, automated access to your applications and data to provide IT Resilience & Assurance (ITRA) including early warning technology for ransomware and other malicious activity. Read more.

  • The Top 6 Considerations For IT Resilience & Assurance

    Read this paper to learn how IT Resilience & Assurance (ITRA) incorporates early detection of pending impact caused by mistakes, malicious activity or Mother Nature, and provides rapid recovery in the event of a failure. Read more.

  • ITRA Man

    View this infographic featuring a mythical IT Resilience & Assurance Man (ITRA Man for short) who comprises all the key skills and attributes necessary to deliver a world class ITRA solution. Read more.

  • Protecting Exchange Online Mailboxes from Spam and Phishing Attacks

    Read this paper on email protection including the use of Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to learn about third-party anti-virus solutions for Exchange Online and steps that will to ensure that your mailboxes are protected. Read more.

  • The Evolution of IT Resilience & Assurance

    Read this paper to learn why the move to IT Resilience & Assurance (ITRA) is necessary to provide early warning of malicious activity, automatic mitigation of damage, and recovery of your business operations. Read more.

  • DataCore MaxParallel Software for SQL Server: Making Latency-Sensitive OLTP and Analytics More Responsive and Productive

    In this Technology Brief, IDC discusses the importance of boosting SQL Server database performance to make key business applications more responsive, productive, and affordable. It assesses how solutions such as DataCore MaxParallel software are addressing application performance challenges. Learn more.

  • Solving Performance Bottlenecks in Servers: A Deep Dive

    This technical whitepaper reveals how DataCore eliminates sluggish I/O performance in the host with MaxParallel™ software - leveraging the full potential of your CPUs and memory to yield more responsive applications and optimal use of your resources. Learn more.

  • Evolution of Threat Detection Technologies

    Concerned about memory mods and fileless malware? CounterTack’s Digital DNA is the only real-time, in-memory analysis technology that scans running processes to predict and detect malicious behaviors.

  • Microsoft Azure and Commvault Datasheet

    In this paper you will learn the top reasons why customers chose Commvault software for Azure products and technologies. Learn more.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Today's Real World Outages

    Choosing the right disaster recovery solution can be the difference between keeping your business up and running or going dark during an emergency. Learn how the Commvault platform for data management provides availability for your business against today’s real world outages.

  • Case Study: HarperCollins

    Find out how Commvault and Azure helped HarperCollins move their enterprise infrastructure to the cloud. Read on.

  • Quest Predictive Business Continuity

    The Quest Predictive Business Continuity datasheet explores how to reduce complexity and cost, optimize your IT environment, and protect your IT resources and data to minimize business disruption. Read on.

  • Achieving Predictive Business Continuity

    This white paper explores a proactive approach to infrastructure optimization and protection to mitigate the risk of business disruption. Read on for details.

  • The Signal in the Noise: Make Security Data Work for You

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out about the Xtraction solution that provides security tools and data to give you real-time insight, and identifies trends, risks and financial impacts specific to your business. Read on.

  • User Environment Management and IoT: The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts

    Read this paper to learn about a User Environment Management (UEM) solution that provides the tools you need for asset management, including a robust discovery engine to find all endpoints on networks.

  • Strategy for a Digital Workplace

    This paper covers the trends, challenges and strategies to transform end user computing for maximum productivity.

  • 5 Easy Steps to Smarter Systems Imaging

    Traditional methods for imaging are simply unworkable. A smarter approach to systems imaging is to layer atop the core image a set of unique drivers, updates, applications, configurations and user personality—turning a basic systems image into a viable user experience. This paper explains how to get there in five easy steps.

  • Best Practices in Cloud-Powered Data Protection

    Backup and disaster recovery represent two of the most frequent uses for cloud storage today, in large part due to the operational agility and appealing cost structure that a secure offsite data repository provides. But protecting organizational data in the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Learn more.

  • How To Achieve Flexible Data Protection and Availability with All-Flash Storage

    Read this paper to learn how using all-flash solid state technology is becoming a business enabler that can be used to simplify and reduce complexity while boosting productivity and lowering cost.

  • 5 Signs SCVMM Isn’t The Right Fit For Your Datacenter

    SCVMM was supposed to help you get the most out of virtualization—but is it? If you’re experiencing any of the five challenges outlined in this guide, it may be time to switch to another management platform. Read on.