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IT News: April 2

Microsoft sells 20 million Vista copies in February; public beta of Office Communicator Server and Client

IT News: March 27

Gates in Colombia; Microsoft reshuffles execs at its new Search unit

IT News: March 19

Discounts on Vista, Office Exams; Microsoft Convergence Conference Field Report

IT News: March 12

Vista exams redo; Daylight Saving Time Patch for Dynamics

IT News: March 6

European Commission threatens Microsoft with new fines; Microsoft opens up health care portal, buys health search firm

IT News: Feb. 26

Visual Studio exam goes beta; Microsoft loses in MP3 case

IT News: Feb. 19

Vista exams go through retesting; Microsoft and IBM in a spat on open document formats; and Daylight Savings Time means Y2K-like problems

IT News: Feb. 12

Web hosting providers get their own MCP exam; how third=party programs are making Vista more vulnerable; a Patch Tuesday preview

IT News: Feb. 5

Michael Dell returns as Dell CEO; Google triples earnings; Microsoft finally ships Vista and Apps Compatibility Toolkit

IT News: Jan. 29

Microsoft extends support for XP into '09; HP CEO gets $8.6M bonus in scandal year; Vista Service Pack 1 planned for late '07; Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 to RTM in March

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