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IT News: June 12

News from Microsoft Tech Ed; Dell sells through Sam's Club; IIS malware study; more

IT News: June 5

Microsoft Partner Group reorganizes; IBM, Dell cut jobs

IT News: May 29

Microsoft working with Chinese Counterpart to integrate document formats; Microsoft works with Juniper on NAP services

IT News: May 21

40 million Vista licenses in 100 days; Windows Server 2008 roadmap

IT News: May 14

Results of a Vista migration poll; interview with Bob Quinn, CEO of 3Leaf Systems

IT News: May 7

Microsoft launches Silverlight and Expression Studio; Dell joins the Microsoft/Novell alliance

IT News: April 30

Microsoft's successful Vista-boosted Q3; John Moyer and Marco Peretti of BeyondTrust

IT News: April 24

WPF/E by any other name is now 'Silverlight'; a possible out-of-band patch for a DNS problem

IT News: April 16

Microsoft patches several critical Windows flaws, and warns of new DNS attacks; Google buys DoubleClick

IT News: April 9

Windows flaws on the rise; a Patch Tuesday preview for April

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