The List Issue

Steve Ballmer's potential replacement, best exec fights, products that changed tech forever: Redmond editors lay out lists that IT pros shouldn't miss.


Top 6 Microsoft 'Mulligans': A Do-Over Wish List for Redmond

Here's six decisions we think Microsoft would most love to take a mulligan on.

12 Worst Tech Industry Flip Flops

From Google to Microsoft to HP (and Microsoft a few more times), here's 12 tech flip-flops that continue to resonate.

Top 9 Candidates To Succeed Steve Ballmer

If Microsoft did replace Steve Ballmer, here's who we predict would be on the company's short list.

13 Most Important Microsoft Product Lines

Microsoft has its hands in many areas -- here's the 13 most important products to keep an eye on in 2012.

Top 14 Products that Changed IT in the PC Era

Here's our picks for some of the most important computing releases ever. Be sure to share your take in the comments!

6 Most High-Profile Tech Spats of 2011

You already know Oracle's Ellison is going to be on this list -- find out who else just couldn't seem to hold back last year.

Fixing Active Directory Disasters: A How-To Guide

Spotting Active Directory problems isn't necessarily simple, but it can help avoid a catastrophe. These tales of AD disasters come from real-life situations and should serve as instruction -- and perhaps a warning -- to IT pros.

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